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  • Model Number:Mini UPS SK616
  • Net Weight:480g
  • Dimension:159*112*32mm
  • Solar panel:≤18V/10-30W
  • Output voltage:DC output 5 different voltages
  • Built-in battery:2200mAh*6
  • Discharge time:The specific discharge time needs to be determined according to the load power
  • Rated charge current:2A
  • Rated discharge current:2A
  • System voltage:11.1V
  • shutdown loss:<200uA
  • Overvoltage Protection:12.6V
  • Charging Voltage:13V
  • Undervoltage:10V
  • Overdischarge:9V
  • Charging control mode:External constant current constant voltage charger or solar panel
  • Working temperature:0℃~45℃
  • Protection circuit:overcharge, overdischarge, overload and short circuit protection (Double protection of main control board and battery board)
  • Charging Operating Instructions:

    Insert the solar panel (power: 10W~30W; nominal voltage: 15V; open circuit voltage: 18V) or a constant current and constant voltage charger (output: 13V/1A~2A) into the charging input port, and the charging indicator flashes red , the green light is always on after fully charged, indicating that the charging status is normal.


    1. Using a single-chip microcomputer as the main control, it realizes intelligent control of battery charging and discharging, overcharge and overdischarge protection functions, and short circuit protection functions. When the load is overloaded, the system will automatically shut down and automatically return to normal after a few seconds. Effective Extended battery life, battery over-discharge voltage recovery control function.

    2. Ultra-low power standby function: When the ON/OFF switch is in the OFF state, the product enters a low power consumption state.

    3. USB output: when charging mobile phones, MP3/MP4, digital cameras and other digital products, the output current is 5V/2A.

    4. Independent functions of charging and discharging: charging and discharging do not interfere with each other, realizing that discharging can be carried out at the same time when charging. Note: When multiple voltages are discharged at the same time, the total discharge power should not exceed 30W.

    5. Charging and discharging indication function: monitor the charging and discharging status of the system at any time. When charging, the Charge indicator light flashes red, and the Work indicator light is always green; when fully charged, the two lights are always green; when discharging, the Work indicator light is green. When low voltage is present, the Charge indicator will light up in red.

    6. The product has overcharge, overdischarge, overload, and short circuit protection functions (short circuit protection needs to be activated by charging), and the red indicator light is always on when undervoltage.


    When two devices are powered by the battery at the same time, the sum of the current from this two devices should ≦2A

    Safety Warning:

    1.Before using the product, please read the product manual carefully.

    2.Do not use parts or electrical appliances that do not meet product specifications.

    3.Non-professionals are not allowed to open the machine for maintenance to avoid product damage.

    4.Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof the storage box, and it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

    5.When using this system, do not use it near a fire source or under high temperature conditions.

    6.Please save electricity on rainy days or rainy seasons, and turn off the switch when not in use.

    7.Please charge the battery to more than 60% when not in use for a long time, and turn off the power switch, and perform a charging operation every 6 months.

    How do Ukrainians cope with life without electricity?

    Kingsener SK616 Voltage Output Power Supply Instruction Manual


    Kingsener SK616 Mini Portable UPS
    with 5V/9V/12V/15V/24V DC Interface

    13200mAh Mini-Portable-UPS



    When two devices are powered by the battery at the same time,

    the sum of the current from this two devices should<= 2A


    Mini ups provide power supply at anywhere and any time

    When power is failure,you can find the matching output interface,

    connect to the router, and continue to surft internet when power failure


    Assistant to monitor, protect belongings and save your losses

    If Power is failure, it can be used for monitoring for

    several hours, and save your losses


    5V 9V 12V 15V 24V

    Multi-voltage output,wide range of application

    Compatible for following device: Tablet pc, surveillance cameras, mobile phones,

    routers, game consoles, access control, switches, etc.


    Safety Protection: Overheat, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature,overcharge protection


    1.Check Power Specification On the Back Of Equipment
    2.Check The Equipment Charger For Power Specification



    Home/ Dorm
    Lighting: for routers, fiber optic catsMobile phone, tablet, MP4 and etc.
    Outdoor camping,can be illuminated with LED lights
    Access control/ monitoring
    Power for access controland monitoring,and save your losses

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    Professional Certification

    KingSener Leading a New Era of Technology

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     We can provide OEM and Wholesale Services/Fast and Global Shipping.
     Professional Certification Guarantee: all products have passed CE/FCC/ROHS/EN62133/IEC62133/MSDS.

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