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Battery Model:RR04
Capacity: 58Wh
Voltage: 15.2V
Battery Type: Li-ion
Cell: Made in China, high quality guarantee
Condition:Replacement Battery (100% Brand New,2 years warranty!)

Replace Part Numbers:

778951-421 778961-421 778978-005
TPN-Q116 TPN-Q147 TPN-Q148 TPN-Q149 TPN-W111

Compatible Laptop Models:

  • For HP Omen 15-5000 Series:
  • 15-5000na 15-5000nc 15-5000nd 15-5000ne 15-5000nf 15-5000ng
  • 15-5000no 15-5000nt 15-5000nw 15-5001la 15-5001na 15-5001nf
  • 15-5001ng 15-5001ns 15-5001tx 15-5002nf 15-5002nx 15-5002tx
  • 15-5003nl 15-5003tx 15-5004nl 15-5004tx 15-5005np 15-5005ns
  • 15-5005tx 15-5006ns 15-5006tx 15-5007tx 15-5008tx 15-5009tx
  • 15-5010nr 15-5010nw 15-5010tx 15-5011nc 15-5011nl 15-5011TX
  • 15-5012NA 15-5012NC 15-5012TX 15-5013DX 15-5013TX 15-5014TX
  • 15-5015TX 15-5016TX 15-5017TX 15-5018TX 15-5019TX 15-5020ca
  • 15-5020NR 15-5020NV 15-5020TX 15-5021TX 15-5022TX 15-5023TX
  • 15-5024TX 15-5050na 15-5050nr 15-5050sa 15-5051LA 15-5051na
  • 15-5051sa 15-5051UR 15-5080NO 15-5090nz 15-5097NF 15-5098NF
  • For HP OMEN 15-5014TX(K5C65PA)
  • For HP OMEN 15-5016TX(K8T62PA)
  • For HP Omen 15-5100 Series:
  • 15-5100 15-5100NF 15-5100NP 15-5100NT 15-5100NV 15-5100NX
  • 15-5101tx 15-5102tx 15-5102UR 15-5103tx 15-5103UR 15- 5104tx
  • 15-5105tx 15-5106tx 15-5107tx 15-5108TX 15-5109tx 15-5110ca
  • 15-5110NI 15-5110nr 15-5110tx 15-5111tx 15- 5112tx 15-5113dx
  • 15-5113tx 15-5114DX 15-5114tx 15-5115tx 15-5116TX 15-5117tx
  • 15-5118tx 15-5120nr 15-5150NE 15- 5180NO
  • For HP OMEN 15-5113TX(M4X89PA)
  • For HP OMEN 15-5114TX(M4X90PA)
  • For HP Omen 15-5200 Series:
  • 15-5201tx 15-5202tx 15-5203tx 15-5204tx 15-5205tx 15-5206tx
  • 15-5207tx 15-5208tx 15-5209tx 15-5210CA 15-5210NA 15-5210nr
  • 15-5210NV 15-5210NV 15-5211NA 15-5211NA 15-5213dx
  • 15-5220ca 15-5220nr 15-5221NI 15-5250ND 15-5250NF
  • 15-5250NL15-5250NO 15-5250NT 15-5250NX 15-5250UR
  • 15-5251NE 15-5251NO 15-5251NP 15-5251UR 15-5252NL 15-5253NL
  • 15 -5255ND 15-5268nr 15-5290NZ
  • For HP OMEN 15-5209TX(T9F96PA)
  • For HP OMEN 15-5208TX(T9F95PA)
  • For HP Omen 15t-5000 15t-5100


Not allcompatble laptop models are listed or inluded here. You an open the back of your laptop to check the original batery model number.Please cotact us online fyou have any question for the compatiblity.
High Quality Garanteed
Our battery products are manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure stability and reliability.
The casing is made of durable materials, the mainboard adopts advanced technology, and the battery core is produced with high-quality raw materials to ensure that it will not be damaged after long-term use.
Our products are equipped with multiple protection technologies such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and overcharge to effectively protect the safety of batteries and equipment.

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About batteries:

  • How about the battery’s lasting or working time?
    Actually battery’s run-time is dependent on the device's total power consumption rate.
    It related to following factors:
    ●the speed of the laptop’s processor
    ●the amount of application software
    ●the number of wireless interface devices
    ●the brightness of the screen
    ●the amount of cycle that you’re using it for
  • How to maintain battery life?
    We suggest that you do the battery activation at least once every two months, as it will extend the working time and life of your battery.
     If you won’t the battery for a month or longer, we suggest you charge the battery to 50%-80% capacity and then remove it from the laptop. Store it in a clean, dry place until you need it again.
  • How long is the battery life?
    Our battery was tested and checked well before shipment. Under the normal using condition,the life of the lithium battery is about 500 time of cycles, so that usually as far as possible to use the fast end (5-7%) in charge, the average use time is 2 to 3 years.

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