Can a laptop run without a battery?

Can a laptop run without a battery?

If you have a laptop battery problem, then you remove the battery and continue to use the laptop on AC power.

Did it affect the computer performance or harm it in any way? No, it did not. Did it continue to work just as before? Yes, it did.

You can Use a Laptop without the Battery
When the laptop has no battery and uses an external power source, theoretically it will not have any effect on your computer. Because in order to protect our battery, when the power of the notebook battery is fully charged, the charging circuit in the battery will be automatically turned off, so overcharging will not occur. This means that when the battery is fully charged and connected to an external power source, the battery will not work.


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Therefore, this notebook without a battery is equivalent to a desktop computer. Normal use will not cause damage to it.

Of course, if there is a sudden power failure at this time, your laptop will immediately go black like a desktop (this may cause some data loss, such as unfinished documents).

Battery Maintenance
Although the notebook without a battery can also be used when it is connected to an external power source, isn't the design of the notebook so that people can use the computer normally when there is no external power supply?

Therefore, be sure to protect your battery. If you want to remove the battery for storage, make sure you charge the battery to around 40% before taking it out and storing it. To maximize its life, you can store it in your fridge, in a Ziploc bag.

If you don’t want to do that, you should at least do a full charge-discharge cycle periodically. This should prolong your battery life.

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