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2020 Dell mainstream notebook analysis

Now that it is 2022, what is the global laptop market share in 2020? The research report "Global Laptop Shipment and Market Share in the First Quarter of 2020" pointed out that in the first quarter of 2020, the notebook computer market share ranked first, Lenovo 23.5%, second HP 21.3%, and third Dell 18.2%, fourth place Apple 8%, fifth place ASU...

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Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Laptop Battery Replacement and Testing

The notebook is the Dell Ran 7000 purchased in 2017. Compared with the expensive XPS, Ran 7000 has a very good price/performance ratio and became a popular product.   The Dell Ran 7000 has been used frequently since it was bought. It is necessary to type manuscripts at home and bring it on business trips. Since 2018, the battery life performance...

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How to fix the flickering power light on a Dell laptop?

I believe that many Dell notebook enthusiasts will encounter such a situation, the power indicator keeps flashing after booting; and it flashes with the switching of different colors.Under normal circumstances, the power indicator is always on and the color is fixed after the power is turned on. The different colors are only changed when there i...

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Why is my Dell laptop not charging when plugged in?

Many Dell laptop users experience laptop batteries not charging. When the battery light on your laptop lights up, but the AC adapter is connected to the laptop, the battery doesn't charge.We will give you some tips that you can try to fix this problem. You probably don't have to try them all. Just follow the sequence below until you find somethi...

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How to fix no sound on my Dell laptop?

This guide will show you various ways to troubleshoot and fix your Dell laptop with no sound from the speakers. This includes double-checking your computer settings and updating drivers. Why is there no sound from my Dell laptop speakers? There are many reasons why the speakers on a Dell laptop suddenly stop working. So there is no general solu...

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