Why do we need battery calibration?

Why do we need battery calibration?

We know that battery capacity will decrease as the battery ages, the number of charge and discharge cycles increases, and other factors. Over time, it is best to calibrate the battery regularly. This can make the device's battery indication more accurate.

 What is battery calibration?

Battery calibration is the process used to reset and recalibrate the battery level indicator of a device such as a smartphone or laptop. As a device is used over time, battery capacity decreases causing a discrepancy between the battery percentage reported by the device and the actual remaining charge.

Therefore battery calibration is necessary. It can help us more accurately estimate the remaining life of the battery to determine whether it needs to be replaced with a new one.

 Steps typically involved in battery calibration

- Charge your device's battery to 100% without interruption.

- Use the device until the battery is completely discharged.

- Unplug the device and leave it off for a few hours.

- Fully charge again to charge the device to 100%.

This procedure is part of battery calibration and maintenance. It helps the device's operating system re-establish a more accurate assessment of the battery's actual capacity. Of course, today's devices also support their operating systems to perform regular battery calibration on their own. Therefore, manual calibration is not always necessary.

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 The role of battery calibration

Battery calibration has some of the following benefits:

  1. Provide more accurate battery information: Battery calibration is designed to reduce the error in the charge level reported by the device's battery indicator. When the battery is properly calibrated, the battery condition reported by the device will be closer to its actual condition. This accuracy helps you plan and use your equipment better.
  2. Prevent unexpected device downtime: When the battery charge indicator is properly calibrated, we can more accurately understand the actual remaining power of the battery. This helps prevent the device from suddenly shutting down due to unexpected battery drain.
  3. Helps develop good charging habits: Regular calibration cannot directly extend the physical life of the battery, but it can subtly affect our charging habits. Because with a better understanding of the actual health of the battery, we understand the importance of reducing unnecessary charging cycles.
  4. Achieve more effective battery management: Understanding accurate battery information can help us plan battery use more rationally. At the same time, we can also know more clearly when the device needs to be charged or save power to prevent insufficient power or sudden shutdown.

 How often should the battery be calibrated?

This depends on the application. For batteries that are used continuously for a long time, it is best to calibrate them every 3 months or after 40 partial charge and discharge cycles. If the device is portable and it performs full deep discharges on its own at regular intervals, no additional calibration is required.

If the battery is not calibrated regularly or not at all, the battery may function normally, but the battery condition displayed by the device may become unreliable. The most common situation is that the battery power displayed by the device is empty.

This error in battery readings may not have a fatal impact on mobile phone or laptop users. But in the case of demanding medical or military equipment, this error can have serious consequences.

So to maintain accuracy we need to calibrate the device from time to time involving a complete charge/discharge cycle.

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