Samsung laptop battery replacement everthing you should know

Samsung laptop battery replacement everthing you should know


As we all know, the battery life of laptops is an important factor affecting consumer purchasing choices. One of the important reasons why Samsung laptops are popular among consumers is that thanks to its excellent large-capacity battery pack production and research and development technology, it can achieve long-term, safe and stable operation of the laptop. It can be seen that the battery is an important component of the laptop and its impact cannot be ignored.

However, it needs to be clear that as the use time increases, any laptop battery may have problems such as weakening of storage capacity, shortened battery life, and battery expansion. Of course, Samsung laptop batteries are no exception. In this case, replacing the battery may be a good choice to keep your Samsung laptop running stably. The following article will give you a comprehensive introduction to the relevant replacement guide for Samsung laptop batteries. Hope this helps you successfully replace the battery and bring your laptop back to life.


Learn about Samsung laptop batteries

Before replacing the battery, let us first briefly understand the types and specifications of Samsung laptop batteries. I believe this will be helpful to you.

Samsung laptop battery types

Different models and series of Samsung laptops may have different battery types. For example, common Samsung laptop battery types include lithium-ion batteries. This battery has the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life and low self-discharge rate, allowing Samsung laptops to maintain greater capacity and longer runtime. In addition, lithium polymer batteries may also be used in some newer Samsung notebook models. In addition to the advantages of lithium-ion batteries, this battery also has a more flexible and lighter shape, which can better improve the portability of Samsung laptops.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned lithium batteries, the battery types of Samsung notebooks may also include nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, etc. If you want to determine the type of battery your Samsung laptop has, you can check the relevant product manual or the product specifications listed on the manufacturer's website.

Samsung laptop battery specifications

Different models of Samsung laptop batteries have different specifications. for example:

Batteries related to Samsung Notebook

Battery model: AA-PBTN4LR

Battery type: lithium-ion battery

Voltage capacity: 15.4V 54Wh

Compatible part number: AA-PBTN4LR AA-PBTN4LR-05 BA43-00386A

Compatible models: For Samsung Notebook 9 Pro NP940X3M Series:NP940X3M-K01US, NP940X3M-K02US, NP940X3M-K03US; For Samsung Notebook 9 Pro NP940X5M Series: NP940X5M-X01US, NP940X5M-X02US, NP940X5M-X03US; For Samsung Notebook 9 Pro NP940X5N Series: NP940X5N-X01US, NP940X5N-X02US ect...

Batteries related to Samsung Galaxy Book

Battery model: EB-BT530FBE

Battery type: lithium-ion battery

Voltage capacity: 3.8V 25.84WH/6800mAh

Compatible part numbers: EB-BT530FBU EB-BT530FBC EB-BT530FBE

Compatible laptop models: For Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 10.1 SM-T530 SM-T531 SM-T535 SM-T533 SM-T537 S M-P5220 SM-T530NU; For Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 10.1 T530 T531 T535 T533 T537 ect...

Batteries related to Samsung Chromebooks

Battery model: AA-PBUN2TP

Battery type: lithium polymer battery

Voltage capacity: 7.6V 33Wh/4400mAh

Compatible part number: AA-PBUN2TP 1588-3366

Compatible notebook models: For SAMSUNG Chromebook 3 XE500C13 Series: XE500C13-K01US XE500C13-K02US XE500C13-K03US XE500C13-K04US XE500C13-K05US XE500C13-K06US Series; For SAMSUNG Chromebook 3 XE501C13-K01US XE501C13-K02US Series ect...

Different types of batteries have different voltage capacity parameters, battery types, compatible models, applicable models, etc. Understanding the model specifications of Samsung laptop batteries is an important preparation before we replace the battery. Because based on it, we can find the matching original battery and the correct replacement battery.

The original battery is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your device. In addition, the battery needs to be replaced correctly. Only by choosing the correct replacement battery can you ensure that it fits your Samsung notebook in terms of shape, size, parameters, etc. At the same time, qualified and high-quality replacement batteries can operate like the original batteries. The specific performance is: the battery power is normal, the battery health status is normal, the battery life is normal, etc. That is, a replacement battery can still support the normal and safe operation of your device.

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Performance features and advantages of Samsung laptop batteries

Good battery performance: Samsung SDI has the largest capacity battery technology and battery pack production and R&D technology suitable for notebook computers. This technology can make Samsung laptops lighter and thinner while still maintaining high battery capacity and long battery life. Take the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro as an example. In PCMark 10’s modern office battery test scenario, its battery life lasted nearly 9 hours.

Fast battery charging: Taking the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro as an example, it is equipped with a 65W Type C charger. Its battery power can be increased to 50% in 45 minutes, and it can be fully charged to 100% in another hour.

Long battery life: With normal use and regular maintenance, your Samsung laptop battery will most likely last 2-4 years. In addition, your device itself usually has a battery protection mode, which can also prevent the battery life from being reduced to a certain extent.

Strong battery safety: Samsung notebook batteries have overcharge protection, overheating protection, overcurrent protection and other properties, which can greatly improve the safety of battery use.

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The necessity of replacing Samsung laptop battery

Battery aging affects laptop performance

Laptop batteries are consumables. It has a certain lifespan, and no matter how carefully you use it, it will gradually wear out and degrade over time. An aging battery can easily shorten the battery life of your Samsung laptop, and it may even be unable to meet daily use needs. In addition, aging batteries may also suffer from safety issues such as unstable charging and discharging and overheating. So it's best to replace the battery before it fails.

Improve notebook battery life and extend service life

Replacing a new laptop battery can keep your device running longer and save you from frequent charging. At the same time, it can also help you extend the service life of your notebook, thereby greatly saving the cost of purchasing new equipment.

Preparation before replacing the battery

Understand battery specifications and models

When we talked about Samsung notebook battery specifications earlier, we mentioned that understanding the battery model specifications is an important preparation before replacing the battery. So how to find the model specifications of a laptop battery? There are several methods for you to choose from.

  1. Check the battery label: Most laptops will have a battery label on the bottom of the battery, where you can find the battery model and other related information.
  2. Check the manufacturer’s website: Laptop battery details, including model number and part number, will be available on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Find the battery report through Windows command line.

Have the necessary tools ready

You'll need to have a screwdriver ready that matches your laptop's screws. It's also a good idea to have a plastic pry tool and a small container for collecting screws and components.

Back up important data to prevent data loss

To prevent possible data loss due to accidents during battery replacement, you can back up important data in advance. Although the procedure is generally safe, it's always good to be prepared.

Shut down the laptop and unplug it

This helps prevent equipment damage while also preventing safety hazards.

Samsung laptop battery replacement steps

Take the battery replacement of Samsung Notebook 9 Pro as an example:

  • Lay the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro flat with the bottom cover facing up.
  • Find the screw holes on the bottom cover of the notebook and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws. Note: If your Samsung laptop has rubber feet on the four corners of the bottom cover like a Chromebook, please remove the rubber feet first, and then remove the screws below them.
Samsung laptop battery replacement everthing you should know
  • After removing all the screws, use the prepared pick tool (plastic strip) to insert into the gap between the bottom cover and the fuselage.
Samsung laptop battery replacement everthing you should know
  • Slide the pick along the edge of the bottom cover to separate the bottom cover from the fuselage. (Note: If there is adhesive between the bottom cover and the body that makes it difficult to separate, you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften it)
  • After removing the bottom cover, find the location inside the notebook where the battery is placed. Then disconnect the battery cable from the device. (When reassembling, simply place the cable over its original location and push down)

  • Next, remove the screws securing the battery around the battery.

  • After completing the above operations, hold the edge of the battery and slowly remove it.
  • After removing the old battery, put in the new battery and reassemble the new battery in the reverse order of the above steps.
  • After installing the new battery, open the laptop to check whether there are any abnormalities in the battery and whether it can be used normally.

The steps for replacing a Samsung laptop battery are pretty much the same. Whether your device is Samsung NP940x5n, Chromebook 4, Notebook 9 Pro or other series models, you can try to replace the battery according to the steps mentioned above.

Safety precautions when replacing batteries

Avoid static electricity and short circuits

When handling batteries, it is best to eliminate static electricity from your hands first. Also be careful to work on a non-conductive surface, such as a wooden table or anti-static mat. Of course, you can also optionally wear an anti-static wrist strap.

Be careful not to reverse the positive and negative polarity of the battery

If you mistakenly touch the positive and negative terminals of a laptop battery together, it may cause serious consequences such as short circuit, damage to the device, or even fire.

Avoid replacing batteries in hot or humid environments

High temperature and humid environments can easily cause damage to batteries and electronic components and may cause danger. Therefore, when replacing the battery, it is best to operate in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated environment.

The difference between replacement batteries and original batteries

When you are choosing a laptop battery, have you ever struggled with these issues - should you buy original batteries or universal replacement batteries? What's the difference between the two? Will using a replacement battery cause damage to my laptop? Let me give you relevant answers below.

First of all, original laptop batteries are 100% compatible with your device. You don't have to worry about whether it matches your device or verify all the technical parameters. Because the original battery is the same as the battery in your laptop. You don't run the risk of problems with the battery itself or the assembly process.

However, it should be noted that original laptop batteries are usually more expensive and have few purchasing channels. Plus, if you want to upgrade your laptop with more capacity, buying the original battery usually won't meet your needs. At this time, replacing the battery may be a suitable choice.

From a price point of view, replacement batteries are cheaper than original batteries. (Of course, if the price is suspiciously low, you'd better buy with caution.) Replacement batteries are easier to find and can push the capacity limits of the original battery. However, if you decide to purchase a replacement battery, be sure to pay attention to its quality and compatibility. If you accidentally purchase a substandard replacement battery, it may cause irreversible damage to your laptop.

Of course, if you purchase a replacement battery from a reputable manufacturer, you don't need to worry about battery problems. If you're looking for high-performance laptop replacement batteries, check out's products. We look forward to your order and purchase.


In short, for laptop users, correct battery replacement is crucial to ensure the safety and normal operation of the device. Although Samsung laptop batteries have good performance and battery life, it still needs to be clear that aging and damage of laptop batteries are inevitable over time. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we proposed to replace the laptop battery, and mentioned various issues and precautions related to battery replacement in the article. Hope this helps.

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