Fix Your Laptop Overheating

What should I do if my laptop is overheating?

What should I do if my laptop is overheating?

Using a laptop for long periods of time can cause the computer to become hot and noisy. In addition to significantly degrading performance, you are also at risk of damage to internal components and permanent data loss.

Below I will teach you how to effectively solve the problem of laptop overheating.

Method 1: Improve the airflow of the laptop

Do not place the notebook on surfaces that tend to keep warm, such as quilts, blankets, etc., as this may cause the ventilation holes to block, place the notebook on a flat, hard surface with clear objects on all sides.

Method 2: Avoid CPU-intensive programs

The harder you push your laptop's CPU, the more heat it generates. So when it is overloaded for a long time, the temperature will soar and you can handle the increased load by creating virtual memory on the hard drive to reach 100% disk usage.

To reduce stress on the CPU, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, and look at the applications listed in the CPU column.
If any CPU usage is high, close them by right-clicking them and selecting End Task.

Method 3: Close unnecessary browser tabs and programs

Multitasking with multiple applications open can cause your CPU to hiss. Minimizing active processes and closing unused programs will help keep the temperature down. Uninstall unnecessary apps and remove unwanted programs to free up disk space and prevent background processes from overheating the system.

Also, having many tabs open on your web browser can be a huge drain on your computer's resources. Closes all unused tabs and reduces thermal issues for you from overloading your system.

Method 4: Adjust your computer's internal settings

If your machine seems to be overburdened with everyday use, try recalibrating your PC settings to lighten resource load and reduce overheating. Using battery saver is a good place to start, but you can also fine-tune other settings like screen brightness and resolution to find the right balance between performance and efficiency.


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Method 5: Regularly clean your laptop

Dust can clog the vents, preventing the hot air from being expelled in time. You can clean the vents with a can of compressed air, a cotton swab, and a soft brush, then follow these steps:

1. Completely shut down and unplug all PC power cords and cables.

2. Place the computer in a clean, flat and well-lit work area.

3. Carefully remove its casing.

4. Use a can of compressed air to remove dust and debris from fans, ducts, and other components.

5. If there are still blockages in the narrow space, use a cotton swab to gently clean them.

Method 6: Keep the software updated

Updating your PC with the latest operating system, drivers, and other software has many performance and security benefits, and it also helps prevent overheating. The new update also fixes bugs and inefficiencies, making your computer run faster and more efficiently.

Method 7: Turn off your computer

Just like you and me, computers need a break from time to time. The easiest and surest way to cool down your PC is to shut it down and let it rest for a while. When you start it again, it will benefit from a cold start and may run smoother.

Hope the above points can effectively help you to keep your notebook cool and fast.


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