Refurbished laptop battery

How to maintain battery health and refurbishment?

How to maintain battery health and refurbishment?

  Batteries are a very important part of every working device. Since they are electronic, they can also be damaged and need to be repaired. We'll provide some ways to restore battery health and refurbish batteries

How to restore battery health?

There are many ways to help you restore a dead battery. We mentioned some effective and prominent ways to restore battery health in more detail.

Avoid your battery reaching 0% or 100%.

Charging the battery to the maximum may damage the battery. In addition, leaving the battery uncharged can also be a major factor in damaging the battery. And many people don't realize it.

Do not overcharge your battery beyond 100%.

The next way to help restore your battery's health is to not charge it more than 100%. If overcharged, then the risk of the battery bursting also becomes quite high. So, to stay safe, you should not charge it once it reaches 80% or 90%.

Charge the battery slowly.

If you can charge the battery slowly, do so. It is best to charge slowly or intermittently to avoid damage to the battery due to the instantaneous supply of high voltage.

Use it after some alternative gap

Another ideal way to help restore your battery's health is to use it less. Infrequent use means not using the battery for hours on end or for extended periods of time.



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How to recondition the dead Batteries?

Whether a laptop battery can be repaired depends on the damage and the specific battery. Also, you should know something about how batteries work.

First, it's important to take safety precautions. The material carried by the battery can explode and cause a fire. While fixing one might seem like a good idea, you have to think about security.

Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area and wear safety gear. For your own safety, please wear goggles and gloves.

When to fix

If it doesn't last more than an hour after a full charge, you can try to fix it. This could mean the cells inside are dead. The battery doesn't even last half an hour.

How to fix

If it is determined that your battery needs service. Note that laptop batteries are made from smaller individual cells inside. It is these batteries that carry the power.


●An old dead laptop battery. You can borrow this from your local repair shop.

●The battery you want to repair

●Some wires and tools for cutting and soldering

●A piece of electrical tape

Step 1

Open the older battery carefully without damaging any part. You may need to use its box later. Use the right tools for this job and avoid touching the wires and other connections.

Step 2

We need to remove the cells from the dead battery now. Take out the 6 cells. They will be arranged in a 2-2 parallel setup. Take extreme care not to damage the parallel connection because you will be using them in the same state.

Step 3

Now is the time to check the voltage. This is exactly where you need a voltmeter.

This is one of the most important steps that you must follow carefully.

A 3.6 or above are good batteries. Anything below this is a clear indication the batteries are no longer worth your concern.

A voltage test is temporary when checking the capacity of 18650 cells. So, find a good capacity tester and use it to determine the health of your batteries.

You will also need the right voltage when connecting back the batteries. Take note that you don't set the voltage too low or too high.

Step 4

Let's connect the batteries in series.For this step, you will need the wire connector and then confirm that the overall voltage of your new battery pack is around 12 volts.

Connecting the batteries in series allows you to try how much power your batteries can give. So, if the cells are beyond repair, you won't need to use them.

Step 5

Open the battery you want to repair. The cells are all useless, so you can throw them away. But you can still check their capacity to see if you can get some good ones.

Again, take note not to damage the battery box. You will be using it with the replacement cells.

Step 6

Now connect the circuit of your battery pack using wires. Of the four wires that come from the circuit, the longest one is negative. There are four wires, where one is negative and three and positive.

Step 7

Time to check your battery. Before packing, you need to check and ensure everything is well connected. Don't worry if nothing happens when you press the power button. Give it a few minutes, and it should start working perfectly.

Step 8

Now you have successfully repaired the battery. Put it on your laptop and give it a try. It should work fine.

How to repair laptop battery at home?

If you have a problem with your laptop battery, there are a number of things you can try to fix the problem. First, you need to identify the source of the problem. Sometimes it may just be that your charging cable is underperforming. In this case, just change it.

If your battery is overheating or overworked, it needs to be cooled. You can work in a well-ventilated area or make sure your laptop's fan is working properly.

If you're not sure, it's recommended that you don't try to repair your laptop battery at home. There are risks in doing this, one of which is a potential explosion.

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