The best way to replace the Bose SoundLink Mini I battery

How to Replace the Bose SoundLink Mini I Battery?

How to Replace the Bose SoundLink Mini I Battery?
This battery replacement procedure can be used for the BOSE SoundLink Mini I Bluetooth battery with the following model numbers: 061384 061385 061386 063404 063287.

   When your speaker battery is low or drained, you can remove the battery from the product and insert a new one.
   To learn how to replace the Bose battery, see the steps below - Remove and Install the Battery.

To replace the battery, follow these steps:

1.Gently place the speaker so the button panel rests against a flat, non-marring surface. Locate the pull indicator imprinted on the outside corner of the rubber foot.

   2.With your finger and thumb on the pull indicator, gently pull the rubber foot up and away from the speaker. The foot should remain attached to the speaker only by its rubber tab, which is inserted into the speaker.

3.Using the supplied wrench, remove the four battery screws by turning the wrench counter clockwise.

4.Pull the battery out of the speaker

5.Install the new battery:

(1)Align the battery screw holes with the ones on the speaker

(2)Using the wrench, turn the battery screws clockwise until they are securely tightened

6.Align the rubber strips inside the foot with the grooves on the speaker and press the foot firmly into the speaker.

Picture source: (BOSE.CN)

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  • Ron Stephen

    Does anyone know how to replace the battery on the original SoundLink Mini. The one that has 2 pads for feet and does NOT have the removable panel with screws underneath?

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