How to install, maintain and calibrate the M3538A lithium battery?

How to install, maintain and calibrate the M3538A lithium battery?

The M3538A lithium ion battery integrates the technology and characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, which can store a large amount of energy in a small and light packaging volume. This is equivalent to compressing an item, making it more compact while retaining the original quality and performance of the item.

The excellent performance of the M3538A lithium-ion battery contributes to the high performance of the heartstart mrx, and it can also be used as a power source for the portable heartstart mrx monitor/defibrillator, providing the energy required for the operation of the device.

Next, this article will introduce you to the characteristics of the M3538A lithium-ion battery, and explain how to install, maintain, calibrate, and store it. Let's read it together.


Characteristics of M3538A lithium-ion battery

01. Safety The M3538A lithium-ion battery has redundant safety features, which can protect the battery.

02. Resistance to partial charging The battery can tolerate partial charging, which can protect the battery life to a certain extent.

03. Built-in fuel gauge When the battery power indicator lights up, it can display the current charging status of the battery (power percentage).

04. Fast charging The M3538A lithium-ion battery can be charged quickly. It takes about 2 hours of charging time to reach 80% of its capacity.

05. Low self-discharge rate This means that the M3538A lithium-ion battery can be left for a long time and be ready to power the device when needed.

06. Low maintenance cost The M3538A lithium-ion battery only requires charging and regular calibration, which saves the cost of battery repair to a certain extent.


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M3538A lithium-ion battery installation steps

01. Find and open the battery compartment of your device.

02. Install the M3538A lithium-ion battery into the device battery compartment.

03. Insert the battery into the correct position and press it slightly until you hear the battery click into place.

04. Make sure the latches on both sides of the battery are engaged.



Maintenance of M3538A lithium-ion battery

There is no doubt that batteries also need maintenance. A healthy battery ensures that it has a long service life, ensures that the device accurately reports the battery's charge status, and ensures that the battery has sufficient power to power the device. If you find that your device's battery has failed, it's best to remove the failed battery from the battery compartment and replace it.

Regarding battery maintenance, it starts from the time you receive a new battery and continues during the use of the battery.

The following is a brief list of battery maintenance operations and when they should be performed appropriately:

01. Perform a visual inspection. It is part of the HeartStart MRx operational check.

02. Charge the battery in time. When you receive the battery, after using the battery, or when the battery indicates low power, it is best to charge the battery in time for emergencies.

03. Perform calibration regularly. You need to perform battery calibration when your operational check results indicate calibration is recommended, or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

04. When the battery is not used for a long time, keep the battery at 20% to 40% charge.


Calibration of M3538A lithium-ion battery

The capacity of any battery will decrease with use and time. The calibration of the battery is to detect the wear and health of the battery so that it can be replaced in a timely manner.

So, how do you use the HeartStart MRx for battery calibration?

01. Connect AC or DC power to the MRx.

02. Insert the battery to be calibrated into the battery compartment of the device.

03. Adjust the "Therapy Knob" to the position of the monitor, and press the menu selection button "✓" to confirm.

04. Use the position button and select "Other".

05. Select Battery Calibration and press the Confirm button, simultaneously taking the device out of normal operating mode.

06. The device displays the "Calibration" view. If the device does not detect an external power supply, it will prompt you to use an external power supply. If there is no battery in the battery compartment of the device, you will be prompted to insert the battery. If the device has batteries in both battery compartments, you need to select one of the batteries for calibration.

07. Press the "Start" button to perform calibration. The calibration procedure is to fully charge the battery first, then drain the battery, and then fully charge it again. When the calibration is complete, you will see a relevant reminder message pop up on the device.

Tip: The battery will charge faster when the device is turned off, you can turn the "Therapy Knob"  off to speed up the charging.

In MRx, it takes about 11 hours to complete the calibration, during which the device display will prompt the relevant calibration progress.

Calibration results

After the battery calibration is completed, the device will report whether the calibration has passed or failed to indicate whether the calibration result is successful. At the same time, it will also give an estimate of the current capacity of the battery, so that you can judge whether the battery is suitable for continued use.

Note: Before the battery calibration is completed, do not disconnect the external power supply or take out the charging battery, otherwise the calibration will be terminated. If calibration is terminated, the battery may become uncalibrated or have reduced capacity.


Storage of M3538A Lithium-Ion Batteries

01. When you store the battery, be careful not to let the battery electrodes come into contact with metal objects.

02. If the battery needs to be stored for a long time, the battery should be placed in a suitable temperature and humidity environment (ideal storage temperature is 15°C/60°F). Do not store batteries outside the temperature range of -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F).

03. Note: If the battery is placed in a temperature environment above 38°C (100°F) for a long time, the battery will wear out faster.

04. Let the battery retain 20% to 40% of its power when storing.

05. When the device is not used for a long time, the battery can be taken out, and it should not be placed in the battery compartment of the device for a long time.


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