Check macbook battery health

How can I check the health of my MacBook battery?

How can I check the health of my MacBook battery?

It’s surprisingly simple to check the health of your MacBook battery, especially when compared to checking the battery health on a PC laptop.

Steps to check battery health on MacBook:

1. Option-click the Apple menu.

2. Click System Information.

3. Scroll down to Hardware > Power > Cycle Count.


The “Cycle Count” section will give you a firm number of times your laptop battery has completed the battery cycle, and you can use this number to better understand where your MacBook battery is in its life cycle.

You’ll also find information on the full charge capacity, the charge remaining, and a ton of other information about your battery, including the serial number. This information is important because the battery cycles will vary with each model of the Macbook.


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As you can see in the screenshot above, the MacBook this was written on has a cycle count of 253, which may seem high, but it’s a MacBook Pro and MacBook Pros that were released in 2009 and later have 1,000 cycles on their batteries.

So, this MacBook is about a third of the way into the full battery life cycle.

However, if you complete a battery health check and find that your battery has reached the end of its life cycle, don't panic. has plenty of battery backups to keep your laptop running, and the site has plenty of ways to help you improve your overall battery life.

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