6 Signs That You Need a New iPhone Battery

6 Signs That You Need a New iPhone Battery

No matter how careful you are, iPhone batteries have a finite lifespan. As a result, batteries age over time, affecting the speed and battery life of your iPhone. Think back, have you ever been annoyed by iPhone's poor performance, crash restart, or fast battery drain?

Therefore, to extend the life of the iPhone and have a better experience, when the iPhone shows the following 6 signs, we may need to consider replacing the battery.


Check iPhone battery

Before thinking about replacing the iPhone battery, we can first check the current health of the battery. The operation steps are very simple, we only need to enter the iPhone "Settings", click "Battery", and then click "Battery Health" to view the relevant information.

By checking the battery health status of the iPhone, we can judge whether the poor performance of the phone is caused by a battery problem, and then consider whether to replace the battery.


Some signs that your iPhone battery may need a replacement

1. iPhone batteries tend to swell

Battery swelling is a serious problem. We need to pay attention to these early signs of battery swelling: the screen is whitish, there is a gap between the screen and the phone body, or the screen has no obvious sense of separation, but the screen feels soft or stretchy when we touch the screen.

If you find that your iPhone battery has swelled beyond the phone's casing, there is something seriously wrong with it and it needs to be replaced immediately. Even if the battery is not deformed so badly, steps need to be taken to replace and dispose of the battery safely.

In addition, it should be noted that in the process of replacing the battery, do not puncture the swollen battery, because it may release toxic substances.

2. iPhone is prone to overheating

The lithium-ion battery inside the iPhone internalizes heat, shielding the rest of the device from the heat generated during charging. Therefore, if we do not place the iPhone in a sunny or high-temperature environment, but the iPhone is easy to overheat, you may need to consider replacing the battery.


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3. iPhone often shuts down unexpectedly

Does your iPhone keep blacking out or shutting down automatically without any warning while the battery is still running out? If so, the calibration of the device may be invalid. In this case, we need to follow the steps below to recalibrate the iPhone:

-Use your iPhone normally until it automatically shuts down due to low battery;

- Use the charger to charge the iPhone continuously until it is fully charged to 100%;

-After charging is complete, press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button on the side of the phone (or the Sleep/Wake button and Volume button for iPhone X) at the same time. Hold it down until you see the Apple logo appear.

If the calibration function still does not work after restarting the calibration function according to the above operations, then we most likely need to replace the battery.

4. The iPhone can only be used when it is plugged into a power source

Generally speaking, after the battery in a healthy state is completely exhausted, the iPhone cannot be started immediately even if it is plugged into a power source for charging.

However, if the Apple logo appears on the screen immediately after the iPhone is connected to a power source with no battery, and the phone shows a charge of 5 percent or more, then the iPhone is not operating at peak performance. We'd better check the battery.

5. iPhone battery life is getting shorter

Batteries are consumables and the amount of charge they can hold will decrease over time. That is, the problems caused by battery aging are fatal and irreversible. There is no way we can not use an iPhone device without draining the battery capacity.

Therefore, when the iPhone battery has been used for a long time and the battery health is not good, to keep the iPhone battery life and use time longer, the best way is to replace the new battery. After all, it would be maddening if an iPhone couldn't guarantee two hours of use without charging it.

6. iPhone 6 or later is running slow

If you're using an iPhone 6 or later and you experience noticeable slowness and stuttering during use, it may be time to consider replacing the battery. Because the battery is not healthy enough, its ability to power the device diminishes.

So when the iPhone is performing CPU-intensive operations, the battery doesn't have enough voltage and energy to help the device perform its intended operations. Then the result is that the iPhone is slow and gives us a terrible experience.


Some ways to make your iPhone battery last longer

Although it cannot prevent the consumption and aging of the battery, we can make the battery more durable through some measures.

Adjust screen brightness: Check whether the iPhone screen is always at the highest brightness, if so, you need to reduce the brightness appropriately. This reduces the power consumption of the device.

Delete unnecessary applications: If your iPhone has downloaded a lot of applications, please delete some unused and unnecessary applications properly. Because they may take up space running in the background of your device, slow down your performance, and drain your battery life.

Set low power mode: When your iPhone battery power is below 50%, you can set the phone to low power mode to slow down the power consumption.

Turn off the Wi-Fi network in areas with poor signal: If you are in an area where the connection signal is not good, or you do not need to use Wi-Fi, you can turn off the Wi-Fi function of your phone. In this way, the iPhone device will not automatically search for nearby Wi-Fi networks when there is no connection signal. Likewise, we can do the same for cellular data as well. This helps reduce battery power consumption.


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