Find the model number of a Lenovo laptop

How to find the model number of a Lenovo laptop?

How to find the model number of a Lenovo laptop?

The model number of any laptop usually consists of numbers and letters, and may contain a series name.

A model number is intended to identify an entire particular family of laptops, and identical laptops within the same family will have the same or slightly different model name.

Unlike serial numbers, service tag or asset tag model names and numbers are not unique to each laptop.

Method 1:

Use printed product labels

The Lenovo laptop label is located on the back of the laptop and can sometimes be hidden behind the battery or behind another back panel such as the RAM or HDD door. Unless you find a sticker with model number information on the back cover itself, you'll find a sticker with model number information after removing the battery on the bottom of the laptop.

Please do not confuse the model number with the serial number.

Method 2: 

Launching the Lenovo Vantage app also automatically obtains your product name and serial number.

How to find Lenovo Vantage on your device:

1. Start Menu: Listed in the list of installed applications.
2. Window tiles
3. Taskbar
4. Windows Search Bar


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Method 3:

Access using BIOS

This method is the last option, but also the most successful. If the above method doesn't work on your computer, you can rely on it.

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System, and you can use the following steps to access this system and find information about your computer:

1. Close all applications and save in case you are doing some important work. Restart your laptop.

2. During startup, press F1 on the Lenovo, ThinkPad, ThinkStation, or ThinkCentre logo.

NOTE: For some models, instead of pressing F1, press Enter continuously during power up until the boot interrupt menu is displayed.

3. If you cannot get to the boot menu, restart your computer again and follow the steps above again.

4. After entering the BIOS, you can see the complete information, such as model, product number of the laptop.

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