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Kingsener C31N2005 Laptop Battery For ASUS Chromebook CX9 CX9400CEA CX3 CX3400FMA Series 0B200-03810000 11.55V 4335mAh

Specification:Battery Model:C31N2005Capacity: 4335mAhVoltage: 11.55VBattery Type: Li-ionCell: Made in China, high quality guaranteeColor:BlueCondition:Replacement Battery (100% Brand New,2 years warranty!) Replace Part Numbers: C31N2005 0B200-03810000 Compatible Laptop Models: For ASUS Chromebook CX9...

KingSener B31N1342 笔记本电池 适用于华硕 Chromebook 系列 (3ICP7/60/82) 11.4V 48WH

规格:电池型号:B31N1342容量:48WH电压:11.4V蓄电池类型:锂离子电芯:中国制造,高质量保证颜色:黑色条件:更换电池(100%全新,2年保修!) 更换零件号: B31N1342(3ICP7/60/82) 兼容笔记本电脑型号: 适用于华硕Chromebook C200 对于华硕Chromebook C200M 对于华硕Chromebook C200MA

KingSener B31N1346 笔记本电池 适用于华硕 CHROMEBOOK C300MA C300MA-DB01 13.3" 系列 11.4V 48WH

规格:电池型号:B31N1346容量:48WH电压:11.4V蓄电池类型:锂离子电芯:中国制造,高质量保证颜色:黑色条件:更换电池(100%全新,2年保修!) 更换零件号: B31N1346 0B200-01010000 兼容笔记本电脑型号: ASUS CHROMEBOOK C300MA C300MA-DB01 13.3“系列