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Kingsener ICR18650-28A Replacement Battery For SAMSUNG 2800mAh 3.8V

Specification: Battery Model: ICR18650-28ACapacity: 2800mAhVoltage: 3.8VStandard Charge Current: 1.25AEnergy: 10.64WhCharge method:CC-CVDiameter: 18.4mmHeight: 65mmWeight: 48gBattery Type: Li-ionCell: Made in China, high quality guaranteeColor: BlueCondition: Replacement Battery ( 100% New Brand, 2...

Kingsener B31N1708 Laptop batter For Asus VivoBook Flip TP510 TP510UA TP510UF TP510UQ TP510UA-1A TP510UF-1A TP510UQ-1A TP510UQ-E8034T Series

Specification: Battery Model: B31N1708 Capacity: 3653mAh/42WH Voltage: 11.52V Battery Type: Li-ion Cell: Made in China, high quality guarantee Color:Black  Condition:Replacement Battery (100% Brand New,2 years warranty!) Replace Part Numbers: B31N1708 Compatible...

Kingsener ICR18650-28A battery pos machine led torch battery 28A18650 28A 2800mah 3.7V Battery cell

Specification: Battery Type: ICR18650-28A Nominal Voltage:3.8V Nominal Capacity:2800mAh Standard Charge Current: 1.25A Fast charge current: 4A Max continuous discharge current: 5.6A Pulse discharge current: 30A ≦3S Charge Cut-off voltage:4.2V Discharge...

Kingsener NCR20700B 4050mAh 3.6V Li-ion Batteries For SANYO Applicable Flashlight Electronic Cigarettes Scooter LED Lamp Computer

Specification: Battery Type: NCR20700BSize: 20mm x 70mm (Diameter)Battery material: Lithium ion (li-ion ion Battery)Battery voltage: 3.6 VCapacity (Minimum): 4050mAhCycle times: 1000 timesThe battery is positive:flat headDischarge and discharge cut-off voltage...

1-10PCS NCR18650BD 3180mAh 3.6V-3.7V 10A For Panasonic Lithium Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries NCR 18650BD For Flashlight Laptop

Specification: Battery Type: NCR18650BDCapacity (Typical): 3180mAhRated Voltage 3.6V - 3.7Vmax discharge current: 10APlus Pool: Flat TopChemistry: Li-ionProtection circuit: WithoutDiameter: 18.5mmHeight: 65.3mmWeight: 49gDischarge and discharge cut-off voltage standard: charge cutoff voltage...

Kingsener NCR18650F 3.6V 2900mAh Panasonic 18650 batteries Low Temperature Resistant Battery For Medion Erazer X7613 Series

Specification Battery Model:NCR18650F Rated capacity:Min.2700mAh Capacity:Min.2750mAh Typ.2900mAh Nominal voltage:3.6V Charging:CC-CV, Std.1375mA, 4.20V, Discharge Current: 8A Weight (max.):46.5 g Temperature: Charge: 0 to +45°C Discharge: -20 to +60°C Storage: -20 to...