Replacing the Razer Blade 14 Battery Steps

How to replace Razer Blade 14 battery?

How to replace Razer Blade 14 battery?

  The Razer Blade 14 is an excellent laptop. When a laptop battery dies, it can be expensive to send the device back to Razer for a battery replacement, but you can always buy a third-party battery and replace it at home.
   We will provide a step-by-step guide to replacing the battery.

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If you don't know your Razer notebook model, please refer to the image below:


Before you start, remember to completely shut down the laptop and remove the charger.

Step 1:
Remove the 10 screws using the appropriate screwdriver provided in the kit. Then lift the cover to expose the battery and other circuitry.

Step 2:
Remove the 7 screws using the appropriate screwdriver provided in the kit. This will be different from the screwdriver you used to remove the cover. One of the screws is hidden behind the wires, so you have to push the wires aside.

Step 3:
Pull up on the orange and black connectors to remove the battery connector. You may need to nudge it slightly to loosen it.

Step 4:
Remove the white and blue connectors that prevent you from lifting the battery.

You have to lift the small black clip first, then pull out the blue tab on one side only. If you have tweezers, use them as this is a prudent process.

Step 5:
Lift up the old battery and put the new battery in. Make sure the screw holes are aligned accordingly and it doesn't wobble.

Step 6:
Insert the new battery connector into the same slot that you removed from the old battery connector.
You must apply light pressure to make sure it is firmly seated.

Step 7:
Reconnect the white and blue connectors.
To do this, you have to insert the blue tab first, then flip down the black bracket.

Step 8:
Install all the screws you removed when removing the battery.

Step 9:
Put the bottom cover back in place and install any screws you removed when removing the bottom cover.
Your laptop is now ready to use, so you can plug it into the charger and turn it on. It is recommended that you charge the battery for 12 hours for the first time.

Hope this guide helps you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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