Choose the right battery

How to choose a laptop battery?

How to choose a laptop battery?

  The most commonly used batteries in laptops are based on Li-Ion technology and last about 500 cycles (2-3 years). This means their efficiency and capacity will decrease over time.

 So we need to replace a new laptop battery, what should we pay attention to when choosing a battery?

  Contrary to popular belief among users, choosing the right battery is not enough to know the make or model of a laptop. The most important parameters are its original name, voltage and capacity.

Battery Name

  The battery name is usually displayed on the battery. To identify it, remove the battery from the computer and check the label.
  In addition to information such as country of manufacture and warning signs, there is a unique battery code. Battery codes consist of various alphanumeric configurations, depending on the manufacturer and computer.

For Apple: AXXXX - (for example: A1185);
For Acer: ASXXXXX—(Example: AS07A31);
For ASUS: AXX—(Example: A32-M50);
For Dell:
the sequence of letters and numbers depends on the computer's codename (eg: GW240 or J1KND);
For Fujitsu-Siemens:battery pack code - 3S4400-S1S3);
HP/Compaq Brands:
 -HSTNN-XXXX —(Example: HSTNN-UB72);
 -9 numbers, the last three are preceded by a hyphen(Example: 485041-001);
For Lenovo/IBM, FRU and ATM: (Example: 42T4504);
For MSI: BTY-XXX — (eg: BTY-L74);
For Samsung:AA-XXXXXX (Example: AA-PB9NC6B);
For Sony: Code VGP-BPSXX — (Example: VGP-BPS13);
For Toshiba: characters PAXXXX (Example: PA3534-1BRS).

Battery Voltage

  The correct battery code still does not select the correct battery. The second parameter we want to pay attention to is its voltage.
  The battery voltage is 10.8V (or 11.1V - also compatible) and 14.4V (or 14.8V - also compatible) depending on energy needs. Voltage is closely related to the number of cells in the battery - typically a 10.8V battery has 6 cells and a 14.4V battery has 8 cells.
  Checking the voltage parameters is one of the most important things. While the main value for laptop batteries is 10.8V, higher voltage models are sometimes available.

  Furthermore, things are further complicated by the fact that one battery model (such as the popular battery AS07B31) can exist in two different voltage versions.
  Batteries are not interchangeable - lower voltage batteries cannot be used with computers that require higher voltages. Voltage can be checked as simply as the name -- it's on a label, usually next to the battery model, and its international symbol is V (Voltage).


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Battery Capacity

  The third important parameter is capacity, usually measured in mAh or Wh (milliamp-hours or watt-hours).
   mAh is the correct measure of battery capacity.
  1Ah means that the device is capable of delivering 1A continuously for one hour.
   Wh specifies how long the battery can run on a single use.
   (If we know the energy requirement in watts, for example, when the battery parameter is 48 Wh, a requirement of 20 watts means it will power the computer for about 2.5 hours). The rule is simple - the higher the mAh/Wh, the longer the runtime.

  Capacity doesn't always have a satisfactory runtime. For more demanding users, we offer batteries with additional battery packs to increase capacity.

--Up to 6600 mAh (10.8V) for 9 cells, up to 8800 mAh (10.8V) for 12 cells.

  Using a larger capacity battery means longer operating time (compared to the standard 4400 mAh) about 1.5 times for the 6600 mAh battery and 2 times for the 8800 mAh battery.

  Remember, a higher cell count also means a larger size. This battery can be expanded in two ways: the back or the bottom.

  The second solution has many proponents, as it raises the computer by about 2 cm, allowing better air circulation below and lowering the operating temperature.


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