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Kingsener NCR18650PF Battery Replacement For Panasonic 18650 PF 2900mah 10A High Drain Rechargeable 3.6V Lithium Batteries Cell

(Please contact customer service if you need help with spot welding or lead wires.) Specification: Nominal Voltage:3.6V Nominal Capacity (Typical):2900mAh Nominal Capacity ( Minimum):2750mAh Standard Charge Current: 1.375A Fast charge...
€13,09 EUR

Kingsener ICR18650-28A battery pos machine led torch battery 28A18650 28A 2800mah 3.7V Battery cell

Specification: Battery Type: ICR18650-28A Nominal Voltage:3.8V Nominal Capacity:2800mAh Standard Charge Current: 1.25A Fast charge current: 4A Max continuous discharge current: 5.6A Pulse discharge current: 30A ≦3S Charge Cut-off voltage:4.2V Discharge...
€7,44 EUR