Resolving Damaged Razer Power Adapters

What should I do if the Razer power adapter is broken?

What should I do if the Razer power adapter is broken?

It has to be said that Razer notebooks, as a leader among the global niche brands, have been favored by many e-sports players in recent years! As a classic masterpiece of the game book, there is the Razer Blade 15 17, and the power adapter for the game book is as big as a brick. But fortunately, the manufacturer is still superb in design and material selection, in order to make such a good work of art.



The choice of notebook depends on the configuration. Entry-level players look at processors, graphics cards, and memory. Upgrade players study detailed indicators such as refresh rate, screen resolution, screen technology (FHD, ILED backlight, gaming screen, etc.), interface richness, etc. So, what is written on the answer sheet for high-end players?

Cache, turbo frequency, heat dissipation, battery life... There is also an ultimate easter egg, which is the power of the power adapter.



This is a metric that a lot of people ignore, and it's even considered that the lower the better, the lighter the power supply, the better. actually not. High-end players tell you that adapters above 200W are definitely worth a "wow".

The power of the adapter is generally configured according to the power consumption of the machine. The CPUs equipped with thin and light notebooks are all low-voltage versions, with a power consumption of about 25W, which is suitable for users who do not have high performance requirements. Most of the CPUs on the game book are standard voltage, and the power consumption is about 45W. In addition to stably supplying energy to the CPU, high-performance gaming laptops must operate in an efficient state when performing large-scale games and complex graphics processing, which will lead to a surge in power consumption and therefore higher power.


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In order to cope with the long standby time of players, the fan will also rotate faster and the power consumption will be higher. Therefore, the power consumption of power adapters of various "chicken-eating" customized and enthusiast-grade gaming notebooks is almost above 180W. This is also the reason why the power supply of high-end gaming laptops is not small.

The Razer Blade 15 gaming notebook that we are talking about today has an adapter power of up to 230W. With such a high power, especially in the case of full power overload in the game mode, the power adapter is experiencing the test of quality and workmanship. Although the power adapters of many notebooks around the world can be said to be of high quality, the possibility of abnormality and damage to the power adapters is inevitable. For e-sports gamers, without the power adapter, the notebook is like scrap metal. This is why there are so many third-party power adapter manufacturers. Once the power adapter is damaged, they can only replace other new devices with the same voltage and power, because it is difficult to repair the power adapter when it is burned out.


If the original adapter is damaged, you can re-purchase a power adapter suitable for your notebook. Just use the back of the original damaged power adapter to find the output power of the power supply and the type of socket connected to the head of the notebook. The Razer Blade 15 17 is a 230W power flat The interface type of the port.

As long as you find the parameters that meet the above key requirements and buy a new power adapter, you can continue to extend the life of the game. Generally speaking, the power adapter has voltage overload protection, even if the power adapter is burned out, it will not Affecting the notebook computer, unless it is an extreme natural disaster or unjustifiable human error, it will cause the possibility of burning out together with the notebook computer motherboard.

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