Dell laptop analysis

2020 Dell mainstream notebook analysis

2020 Dell mainstream notebook analysis

Now that it is 2022, what is the global laptop market share in 2020? The research report "Global Laptop Shipment and Market Share in the First Quarter of 2020" pointed out that in the first quarter of 2020, the notebook computer market share ranked first, Lenovo 23.5%, second HP 21.3%, and third Dell 18.2%, fourth place Apple 8%, fifth place ASUS 6.6%, others 22.5%.

So, as the third-ranked Dell in the market, what are the laptops worthy of attention (recommended) that year? And how have these notebooks been used this year?

Dell's most noteworthy (recommended) notebook models in 2020 are:

  • inspiron5000 series
  • inspiron13 7000 series
  • XPS
  • Game Box G Series
  • Aliens

inspiron 5000 series

The inspiron 5000 series are typical low-end thin and light notebooks. They are basically low-color gamut screens with average workmanship and heat dissipation. After a walk around, I saw that the inspiron 5391 was remarkable, but it paled in comparison to other brands. 

▶inspiron 13 7000/inspiron 7490/inspiron 7391/inspiron 7590/inspiron 7591


KingSener WDXOR 笔记本电池 适用于戴尔 Inspiron 14 7000 5567 7560 5767 7472 7460-d1525s 7368 7378 5565 latitude 3488 3580 WDX0R

  电池型号:WDXOR/WDX0R 容量:42WH  电压:11.4V 电池类型:锂离子 电池:韩国制造,高品质 颜色:黑色 条件:100% 全新(2 年保修!)   更换零件号: WDXOR/ WDX0R 17368-0027 3CRH3 T2JX4   兼容笔记本电脑型号: 适用于戴尔 Inspiron 15-7560 , P61F 适用于戴尔 Ins 13mf 系列 INS 13MF PRO-D1508TS,INS 13... Buy Now

The inspiron 13 7000 is suitable for users who have low performance requirements and pursue portability. Lingyue 7000 13,0.955Kg; Lingyue 7000 14,1.095Kg. Inspiron Lingyue 7590/7591, standard pressure independent display thin and light notebook, this may be the most recommended Dell model by Zhihu, suitable for users who want standard pressure independent display, high image quality, thin and light, such as designers. In 2020, as far as I know, I haven't seen a better competitor from other brands.

▶XPS series


XPS, Dell's high-end flagship model, has a thin and light body and a high-resolution screen. If it is used for office work, it will not find too many disadvantages, and I will not say many advantages. In short, it is right for white-collar workers to use it. The XPS13-9300 is a new product in 2020, and the XPS 15-9500 has also been released.

The common problem of this series of machines is that they are expensive. This series itself is designed for office and light entertainment use, and game lovers do not recommend buying such products.

▶G3/5/7 game box series


Dell's G-series game cartridges are also the first choice for many competitive players. The online review of the G3's heat dissipation is a flaw, and the solid-state drive is also relatively poor. The price is relatively low, if you buy it, it is best to choose the I5 processor. G5 and G7 are relatively medium and high-end configurations, and the tide rises; they meet players who have high requirements for game quality, especially in terms of graphics cards and heat dissipation. To run large-scale 3D games and have good display quality effects, graphics cards and heat dissipation requirements are not ordinary. height of. The common problem of the G series is that the fan noise is too loud, but as the two high-power fans of the game book help to dissipate heat, there seems to be no other option.



KingSener G05YJ 笔记本电池适用于 DELL Alienware 14 A14 M14X R3 R4 系列 P39G Alienware 14D-1528 GO5YJ Y3PN0 8X70T 69WH

规格: 电池型号:G05YJ 容量:69WH   电压:11.1V   电池类型:锂离子   电芯:标准6芯,韩国制造,高品质保证   颜色:黑色   状况:更换电池(100% 全新,2 年保修!)   更换零件编号: G05YJ 0G05YJ Y3PN0 8X70T P39G   兼容的笔记本电脑型号:   适用于戴尔 Alienware A14 系列   适用于戴尔 Alienware M14X R3 系列   适用于戴尔 ... Buy Now

Alienware, the machine is good, and the price is really expensive, especially for local tyrants. The new shape M15 M17 released in the 2020 edition. The price of this series is prohibitive for ordinary players, but players who can buy Dell Alienware series notebooks have no bad reviews, except for extreme ones! Whether it is appearance, performance, heat dissipation, it is the leader among the global notebook brands. Dell Alienware notebooks have six series of M11x, M13X, M14x, M15X, M17X and M18x; High-end machines, although Alienware has been restructured since it was acquired by Dell in 2006, the products produced have never disappointed their global fans. After the new version released in 2020, Dell Alienware's new M15 and M17 adopted the best of the year. The Intel 10th generation CPU and RTX 20 series graphics card, the graphics card is equipped with up to RTX2080 Super 8G, and the screen performance is the ceiling of the gaming screen at that time. There are three versions of the refresh rate: 60Hz, 144Hz, and 300Hz; worthy of being the king of notebooks .

After the above review, it seems that I have returned to the dazzling era of notebooks in 2020. Notebooks have their own notebooks, which have been used for more than ten years, such as ASUS ROG, Apple MAC Book Pro, Dell XPS, Lenovo IBM X1, Alienware M14 and many other brands and models. Each brand has its own experience. Features and brand advantages, especially business notebooks and gaming notebooks, as the two branches of the current mainstream, have been very different from the beginning of design.

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