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Oxygen Machine Battery For Inogen One G5 Double Battery BA-516 14.4V

Specification:Battery Model:BA-516Capacity: 92.2WH/6.4AhVoltage: 14.4VBattery Type: Li-ionCell: Made in China, high quality guaranteeColor:Black Condition:Replacement Battery (95% Brand New,2 years warranty!) Replace Part Numbers:  BA-516 Compatible Laptop Models: For Inogen One G5 16 Cell...

Kingsener 14.4V 鋰離子電池,用於 O2 Concepts Oxlife 獨立電池 4ICR19/65-3 P/N 800-1002

規格: 電池型號:4ICR19/65-3 電池類型:鋰離子 電壓:11.4V 容量:6600mAh/95WH 顏色:黑色 淨重:600g 狀況:更換電池(100% 全新,2 年保修!) 更換零件號: 4ICR19/65-3 零件號 800-1002 兼容機器型號: 對於 O2 Concepts Oxlife 獨立 POC 電池

Oxygen Machine Battery For Inogen One G4 Extended Life Lithium Ion Battery BA-408

Specification: Battery model: BA-408 Chemical composition: Li-ion Battery charging time: Up to 4 hours Battery life: Up to 6 hours Color: White Condition: Replacement Battery (90% new, 2 year warranty!) Notice: Not all...

Oxygen Machine Battery For Inogen One G3 16 Cell Battery BA-316 14.4V 83.5Wh

Specification: Battery model: BA-316 Chemical composition: Li-ion Voltage: 14.4V Power: 83.5 Wh + 83.5 Wh Size: 8.75 inches Wide x 3 inches Deep x 2 inches High Weight: 4 pounds...

Oxygen Machine Battery For Inogen One G4 Single Battery BA-400

Specification: Battery model: BA-400 Chemical composition: Li-ion Manufacturer: Inogen Weight: 8 ounces Battery charging time: less than 3 hours Battery life: Up to 3 hours Color: White Condition: Replacement Battery (90% new, 2 year...