Power adapter for Razer Blade 15

Why is the power adapter of the Razer Blade 15 easy to break?

Why is the power adapter of the Razer Blade 15 easy to break?

Everyone has a very deep understanding of Razer's positioning and taste, and the creator of Razer has always adhered to the concept of high belief; although Razer has still followed the line of Dell's aliens over the years, it has also gained Many Razer fans, thin and light body, ultra-high resolution, refresh rate screen, good heat dissipation and fairly quiet, the CPU and graphics card equipped in the configuration are not inferior to other brands in game performance Gaming laptops with the same configuration. From a quality point of view, let’s talk about the power adapter and battery of the Razer Blade 15 Elite Edition today.

The author is using the Razer Blade 15 Elite Edition 2020. The battery used is RZ09-02386 02385 RC30-0248 5209mAh/80WH notebook battery, and the matching notebook power adapter is a 230W high-power adapter. In my life, the most intuitive experience is that this original 230W power adapter will squeak when charging; after purchasing it in 2020, the power adapter was damaged during normal use in the first half of 2021. The fire immediately unplugged the power supply, but luckily the notebook was not affected.

After a search on the Internet, there are actually a lot of netizens who are suffering from the same disease. Then I contacted the Razer customer service. The customer service said that they would send it to the designated maintenance point for inspection or maintenance. During the warranty period, it will be replaced by a replacement; Razer customer service, why is the power adapter damaged after only one year of normal use? Why is the noise so loud when charging? Although the customer service did not give a positive response after repeated inquiries, they agreed to replace the "upgraded" power adapter; this made people doubt whether this power adapter has any design flaws. Why are so many netizens reacting to the problem of the power adapter and battery of this Spirit Blade 15 notebook? Another point is that it took quite a long time for Razer to mail the repair point back and forth. It took me 15 days to mail the power adapter to the designated repair point. I don’t know if other Razer fans have had such an experience.


After receiving the power adapter sent from the Razer repair point, plug it into the laptop and listen carefully to the noise of charging, open the game and turn on the runaway mode to experience the new charger. Is it reliable? In other words, the author was excited and scared when I got the new power adapter. What is exciting is that the notebook can finally be resurrected after half a month. What is scary is whether the power adapter will burn out again or even affect the notebook. ? I still played the game for an hour while I was terrified, and then I used this power adapter to replace it. So far, it is still stable.

But as the years of use increased, new problems emerged. In July 2021, the battery life of the laptop is decreasing sharply and it cannot be recharged. The laptop power adapter must be plugged in to turn it on. Since the laptop's free warranty period has exceeded the laptop's free warranty period, I can only buy a new battery to replace it, but it is a lot of money. The cost of buying a new laptop battery also looked at what other Razer fans had to say about the machine's battery. I don’t know if I don’t see it, but I’m startled when I see it: Many users of the Razer Blade 15 have posted comments, saying that the battery life of this machine is relatively short, and it will bulge in an average of one year to one and a half years and needs to be replaced; carefully; After reading many comments from netizens, one point that can be relatively accepted by the author is that due to the fan heat design, a large amount of hot air will be blown to the battery module, causing the battery to bulge. But this statement is still lacking, open the back to see the Razer's internal settings and bulging battery.


The design of the motherboard and the heat sink in the upper part can be said to be a mainstream design, while the battery is a whole design in the lower part; after viewing the disassembly videos of other mainstream gaming laptops, no difference was found. It's all such a design of upper and lower separation. To say that the heat dissipation affects the service life of the notebook battery is inevitably a bit untenable. The author's other notebook, the Apple MAC Book Pro15, has been in use for more than 3 years, and there is still no sign of a sudden drop in battery life. This has to make people wonder whether there are unacceptable problems in Razer's notebook battery materials and design. I even saw someone asking on the forum: Has the problem of changing Razer laptop batteries once a year been solved? The following is a lot of people replying that they haven't solved it yet, or so coincidentally, my bulge just changed the battery! sayings like that.


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But for the author, Razer notebooks have advantages and disadvantages compared to other brands of notebooks; in terms of performance, thinness and high-scoring screens, they are definitely the best in gaming notebooks; although the lighting is also very beautiful, the author I didn't focus on this, whether it is MSI, ROG, ALIENWARE, RAZER and other popular brands of game books have made achievements in lighting; looking at the quality comparison of various brands, RAZER still has a way to go. .

In terms of the use of notebook batteries, it has a lot to do with the user's operating habits. Inappropriate human operation will bring direct damage to the notebook battery.

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