Kingsener vs. RRC brand

Kingsener vs. RRC brand

Many of our Kingsener brand's standard battery packs are "smart batteries": Unlike regular batteries that only power an application, smart batteries are able to communicate with the device and charger.

A large number of values can be read using smart batteries, such as state of charge, remaining runtime, voltage, current or temperature. The charger can also retrieve information on how best to charge the battery. Smart batteries also provide additional status information and warnings. ​

All this information can be used to make your application run optimally while ensuring a long life of the battery pack. This is why smart batteries are ideally suited for applications where reliability is the highest, such as medical equipment or precision measuring instruments.


Kingsener vs. RRC brand

RRC Power Solutions – Founded by students in 1989 as Ruffing-Ruth-Computer, they grew from a manufacturer of computer accessories to a supplier of custom power solutions and ultimately a leading brand manufacturer of standard energy storage products.

We at Kingsener and RRC are producing leading batteries and chargers, using advanced smart batteries to meet the optimal power supply needs for your devices. Kingsener's batteries and chargers have received all approvals required to enter global markets.
In addition, we guarantee you product availability for more than ten years. It's no coincidence that many well-known customers from the medical, military and industrial sectors, as well as the consumer sector, have relied on our expertise for many years.

Kingsener Lithium Battery Packs in Various Shapes and Performance

Different chemistries and different configurations of battery cells result in different case shapes and performance data for our lithium-ion standard batteries. Depending on the application and intended use, our batteries are available in various cell configurations such as 2S1P, 4S2P or 7S1P.

Some lithium-ion batteries for very low profile devices and compact applications
Battery packs using prismatic lithium cells are currently used in consumer market products (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Kingsener has developed the FLATPAQ product portfolio, a new lithium-ion (li-ion) and lithium polymer (li-po) standard battery range with different prismatic cell combinations from 1S1P to 3S1P. This battery type is equipped with multi-level safety circuits and an intelligent battery management system (BMS).

Extremely flat lithium-ion standard battery with a thickness of approximately 8 mm, ideal for any application where a slim design is required. It could conceivably be integrated behind a monitor or PC board to provide a tablet-like device design for medical or industrial applications.


Kingsener KSE2054 充電式スマートバッテリーパック KSE KSE2054 産業用バッテリー用リチウムイオン

KSE 2054 を 2 個購入すると、9% 割引になります 仕様:バッテリーモデル: KSE 2054容量: 3450mAh/49.7WH電圧: 14.4Vバッテリータイプ: リチウムイオンセル: 中国製、高品質保証色:黒状態: 交換用バッテリー (100% 新品、2 年保証!) 部品番号を置き換えます: KSE 2054 互換性がある モデル: KSE2054用 注意が必要なことに注意してください:互換性のあるす... 今すぐ購入

Benefits of using kingsener's lithium-ion battery pack:

  • Lithium battery pack with global approvals and safety standard certifications
  • Smart battery with multiple functions and SMBus compliant
  • Intelligent battery management system (BMS)
  • Integrated LED state-of-charge (SoC) indicator
  • State-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries (lithium-ion and lithium-polymer) with the highest energy density on the market
  • 21700 or 18650 battery (POWERPAQ), prismatic battery (FLATPAQ)
  • Multiple battery configurations from 1S1P to 7S1P, e.g.1S1P, 2S1P, 2S2P, 3S1P, 3S2P, 3S3P, 4S1P, 4S2P, 4S3P, 7S1P
  • High discharge performance
  • JEITA charging profile optimization
  • Numerous redundant battery safety features such as:
  CUV (Battery Under Voltage): Prevent deep discharge

  COV (battery overvoltage): prevents overcharging
  OTC (over-temperature charging): Prevent overheating while charging
  OTD (discharge over temperature): prevent overheating during discharge

  • Increase ESD protection to 8kV

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