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What is the difference between an automated external defibrillator and a defibrillator?

It is vital that AED devices are available in public places and communities. These devices can only work best when everyone has the knowledge and skills to use them. We cannot predict when an emergency will occur, but we can increase our risk resilience by being prepared so that we can act quickly when needed. The term AED has become a household...

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What should I avoid when using a defibrillator?

An AED is a portable, easy-to-operate device that requires minimal training to use and is designed for use in emergency situations. Compared with traditional defibrillators, the built-in computer can perform analysis to confirm whether the patient's illness requires defibrillation. During the defibrillation process, the AED's voice prompts and ...

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Can a defibrillator be used multiple times?

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is an emergency assistive device designed to save the lives of people suffering cardiac arrest in public places. A built-in analysis program automatically detects the heart rate of a cardiac arrest patient. If a defibrillable heart rhythm is detected, the AED will automatically charge and deliver an elec...

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What should the public know about AED use?

What a horrible thing it is to experience 3-4 seconds of dizziness and blackness, 30-60 seconds of cessation of breathing, and 4-6 minutes of gradual death of brain cells, which means the end of life, after a cardiac arrest occurs in our heart. AED a portable medical device that can diagnose specific cardiac arrhythmias, is a medical device that...

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What is gan|charger

Gallium nitride has wide applications in many fields. In the semiconductor industry, due to its wide band gap, high breakdown field strength, high thermal conductivity and physical and chemical stability, gallium nitride is used to manufacture high-power and high-frequency electronic devices, such as microwave amplifiers and power switches. , ra...

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10 Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

With the rapid development of technology, laptop computers have become an important office tool in our daily life and work. However, have you ever encountered any of these situations? For example, when your laptop suddenly freezes while you are working on an important project. Or maybe you get "low battery" alerts on your device so often that yo...

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