Factors That Shorten Your Laptop's Battery Life

Will gaming shorten my laptop's battery life?

Will gaming shorten my laptop's battery life?

It's no secret that anyone knows that video games are a huge part of the computer world. Now, there are hundreds of opinions about the use of these programs, some of which are real, others are myths. For example, a very interesting topic is whether playing video games can damage a laptop's battery.

Overall, playing video games had no direct negative impact on the laptop's longevity, including the battery. In fact, the battery is damaged by other factors, which may not be related to video games, or combined with different activities.

Here, we'll break down everything related to gaming and laptop battery life in detail. This way, you can determine if you can play without risk, or if you need to think a bit more about how long you'll be using your laptop.


Rumors of playing video games on laptops

Video games have a large following on platforms such as consoles and desktop computers. Only a handful of users use laptops for gaming, a device that is known to be ascribed to many myths.

For example, some say laptops are bricks, they're not as powerful as desktop computers, they're worse for gaming, etc. After a while, it turned out that these myths weren't technically true, but everything depended on the computer, its hardware, and how it was used.

However, one of these rumors that has been circulating over the years is that the laptop's battery was damaged from playing video games. Now, we discuss why this is not the case:

The role of the battery

Laptop batteries are designed to provide power when the computer is not connected to an electrical outlet. So no matter what a computer is used for, it is built to provide electricity.

For ease of understanding, there is also a saying that playing video games wears out the internal components of your computer. This is completely wrong, as both the processor and RAM are primed to support heavy workloads.

Since the battery is part of the computer assembly, it has exactly the same characteristics. Of course, one important thing to clarify here is that the performance of the laptop will be slightly lower when it is not connected to a power outlet but on battery.

This is because the internal components do not have all the power required to operate at peak performance. So the laptop doesn't stop completely, but reduces performance to optimize battery usage.

Of course, this performance drop affects the user experience when running a video game, especially when it's a very popular game. But to solve this problem, there is a very effective solution: connect your computer to a power outlet to play video games.

Is it bad to play games with a laptop connected to a power outlet?

Now, we're going to analyze one of the most widespread debates in years: what happens if you play video games or use a laptop that's always connected to a power outlet?

Some big companies say absolutely nothing will happen, but others say it's better to use the battery and recharge it when it's discharged.

However, in this sense, we can talk about two very important elements:

The battery cannot be overcharged

When the battery reaches 100% charge, it won't continue to store energy, but when it's slightly discharged, the charger will work again. This prevents overcharging, which some people say can damage the battery, but this has always been a myth.

So if you connect the laptop while gaming, there is no risk of damage, at least as far as its operation is concerned. Of course, in the event of a voltage glitch or power spike, you could eventually damage the battery, but that's no longer a gaming-related issue.

Anyway, when playing video games with the laptop connected, it's always at max power, but the battery doesn't actually do anything, so it doesn't get damaged.

Battery discharge affects its lifespan

This is the exact opposite of what people think: when a battery is fully discharged and takes a long time to recharge, it suffers damage and even shortens its lifespan. In fact, if the battery is fully discharged for a long time, it may stop working.


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When does a laptop battery get damaged?

We've clarified that the laptop won't be damaged by playing video games, even if it's dense. Nonetheless, there are some factors that directly affect the battery, such as:

Duty cycle

It's totally normal that the more you charge your laptop battery, the faster it gets damaged. After all, it's a component that wears out over time, especially when the discharge is very deep.

So gaming while connected to a power outlet will significantly extend battery life, at least in theory, since it won't let the battery discharge, so the charge cycle will take longer to complete.

There is no clear answer as to how many charge cycles it takes for a battery to fail, as it depends on the manufacturer and how the battery is made. However, it is estimated that the standard is around 500 cycles.


Relatively high temperatures, such as above 30 degrees Celsius, will shorten battery life. Now, it's important not to confuse these concepts about temperature, as the battery receives a different level of external heat than the processor's internal temperature.

With that in mind, if you're playing video games in a hot place, or if you place your laptop on a surface that blocks its fans and spend hours doing this activity, your laptop may overheat, which will damage the battery in the first place.

To fix this, just buy a laptop cooler that cools the bottom area.

Why not play games without batteries?

Finally, one of the most interesting options is to play video games with the battery removed from the laptop. It's true that the battery is one of the main quintessence of the laptop, but in reality, the cable isn't a hassle when gaming, as it connects directly to the power outlet and doesn't interfere with the front.

If you're going to be playing video games on a table, bed, or anywhere else for extended periods of time and there's an electrical outlet nearby, remove the battery. This way it won't connect when it's not actually in use. So you will be able to use the laptop's maximum power by connecting directly to the current.

Of course, this only applies to laptop models that allow battery removal, this does not apply to all models. Also, it is recommended that you install a surge protector on your outlet to prevent damage from power spikes.


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