The Best Video Editing Laptops of 2023

The Best Video Editing Laptops of 2023

The best laptop for video editing follows these five principles:

(1) Running memory: You can choose 16G or above if you have a sufficient budget, and 8G or above if you have a medium budget. If the running memory is large enough, you can avoid freezes and crashes, and improve the smoothness of preview and export.

(2) Hard disk memory: SSD hard disk above 256G, or mechanical hard disk above 500GB.

(3) Graphics card: NVIDIA graphics card is the best choice for Windows system, you can choose RTX3050 or higher configuration, such as RTX 3050/3060/3070, etc., you can use CUDA acceleration technology to improve editing efficiency and image quality.

(4) CPU: For the choice of CPU, you can choose the latest generation of Intel i7 or cheap i5, or you can choose AMD processors and choose Ryzen R5 or above products. If you are creating, choose Intel first.

(5) Screen: It is best to choose a high resolution of 2K or 4K, a high color gamut of 100% sRGB or Adobe RGB, and a high brightness screen above 300 nits, which can provide a more detailed and realistic picture display.

Here's our guide to the best video editing laptops in 2023

1. Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch laptop.

The patented Liquid Retina XDR display can reflect bright whites and deep blacks, and the details of dark parts are beyond imagination, and the P3 wide color gamut shows gorgeous video colors.
The laptop uses an Apple M1 Pro chip 10-core processor and a 512GB solid-state hard drive. Whether it is editing 8K video, rendering complex 3D scenes or exporting data, it can run smoothly.

2. ASUS VivoBook14F laptop.

The laptop provides an excellent touch experience, can be turned 360 degrees, and can be converted into a tablet creative mode at will. The built-in ASUS flash transfer function of the notebook is very suitable for users who edit videos, and the overall performance is strong. Users can switch to high-energy mode with shortcut keys when editing videos, and the performance is instantly improved by 40%, making the entire editing process smooth and unimpeded. .

3. MSI Creator Laptop (Z16).

The configuration of this laptop uses high-end i7 and i9 processor chips, and the screen size also adopts a relatively rare 16:10 ratio. With the ultra-high resolution of QHD+, it is more convenient for users to edit videos and pictures.

In addition, the screen has also been color-calibrated before leaving the factory. The DCI-P3 color gamut is as high as 100%, and the color rendering is more accurate. Each format is specially adapted to the needs of the creative field.


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4. Acer Laptop (Hummingbird X).

The laptop uses RTX3050 light-tracking graphics card, combined with its own advanced Ampere architecture and GDDR6 video memory, second-generation RT Core and third-generation Tensor Core configurations, video clips can run smoothly.

5. Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 laptop.

The latest version of the MacBook Pro is equipped with the newly developed 8-core M2 chip, which makes the processor faster and the graphics performance is 1.4 times higher than the previous M1 chip.

By swiping the Touch bar above the keyboard left and right, you can quickly browse the material during editing and find the highlights quickly; and the customizable touch bar can also be replaced with commonly used editing tools, whether it is setting in and out points or fading in, Fade out and other transition effects can be done with one finger.

It can work continuously for up to 20 hours and has a strong battery life. For example, the overall specifications, system stability, and editing smoothness, etc., every detail has reached a level beyond imagination.

6. Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch laptop.

The notebook computer adopts the M1 Pro chip and built-in display chip improved from the previous generation on the MacBook Pro, which increases the number of cores and greatly upgrades the neural network engine.

In particular, it also supports the ProRes media engine, including various common codec technologies. It is easier and smoother to edit pictures and videos; in addition, in order to improve the efficiency from shooting to editing, the laptop has a built-in SDXC card reader directly on the fuselage, which can read and copy data without transfer , the degree of convenience is improved.

7. ASUS ProArt Gen 16 Laptop.

The laptop has a 16:10 aspect ratio screen and ultra-thin bezel design, which doubles the field of view of the editing timeline and helps reduce eye fatigue caused by long-term staring.

Built-in professional NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3060 discrete graphics card, it can speed up the operation when processing more performance-intensive multi-track files, and simultaneously maintain stable output quality, effectively reducing video lines, flickering and other abnormalities. Certified by US military regulations, it can maintain normal operation even in harsh high and low temperature environments.

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