Caring for your 2020 MECHREVO laptop

How to take care of laptops released by MECHREVO in 2020?

How to take care of laptops released by MECHREVO in 2020?

At the MECHREVO 2020 new product launch conference, MECHREVO's three new products, playbook products - Deep Sea Titan X10Ti-S, X3-S and Deep Sea Ghost Z3 Air-S. Among them, the Z3 Air-S and the giant-screen e-sports gaming notebook X3-S were the biggest highlights of the conference at that time.

These gamebooks are all equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards and Inter 10th-generation CPUs. Other accessories must not be introduced. The gamebook depends on the core components and heat dissipation!

 So these machines have been the main products of MECHREVO for 20 years. It has been 2 years since 22 years of full production. How to maintain it?

 After all, these are game notebooks. Although two years have passed since the hardware configuration, it is still not to be underestimated after 22 years. Normal maintenance is still necessary:


 1.Deep clean the dust on the fuselage and keyboard

The heat vents on the fuselage, the edges of the screen and the speaker grid are the key points of dust removal outside the fuselage. MECHREVO X10Ti-S is an RGB optical axis mechanical keyboard, and there will be a lot of dust and debris at the bottom of the keyboard axis.
Generally, using a household hair dryer or keyboard cleaning glue can not completely remove the dust, you need to cooperate with keyboard cleaning spray, strong fan and cleaning glue to clean up the dust and debris at the bottom of the keyboard, you can pry them if allowed. It is best to clean them down one by one. Non-professionals do not recommend dismantling them for cleaning.


 2.Clean the dust accumulation on the internal fan and heat sink

To clean the dust inside the fuselage, it is unavoidable to disassemble the machine, and this step is simply omitted; using the notebook cooling vents and fans in an environment with heavy oil fume will also be full of grease and fiber dust mixture, which is very difficult to remove. However, in the MECHREVO series of machines, although there are relatively many screws, it is relatively easy to disassemble the back cover of the D side of the notebook. There are usually 2 cooling fans and copper pipe connection ports for the heat dissipation of the game notebook. These places are the key parts of the disassembled machine to clean the dust. The grease and dust mixture on the fins of the two fans requires the entire fan to be removed to clean it. When cleaning, it needs to be used with a brush and cleaning spray.


 3.Replace CPU and GPU liquid silicone grease

Due to the large amount of heat generated during the use of the computer, the heat dissipation copper pipes normally connected to the CPU and GPU will adhere to a layer of silicone grease that facilitates heat conduction. Several MECHREVO game books use liquid silicone grease. After two years of use, these liquid silicone grease The silicone grease will gradually volatilize and dry into a solid; this is not conducive to heat conduction and heat dissipation. Therefore, if you need to replace these dry silicone grease, you need to remove all the cooling copper tube modules to see the silicon grease of the CPU and GPU chips. After cleaning and erasing several times with alcohol cleaner and a cotton swab, re-apply it. A new layer of liquid silicone grease is completed, and the disassembled copper tube cooling module is installed. Generally, the whole process requires more professional tools and common sense of disassembly to complete.



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4.Battery capacity detection and correction

Several games released by MECHREVO in 2022 all use non-removable built-in lithium batteries. Although the battery capacity will vary in different sizes of machines, the battery life of the last few machines has not changed much due to power consumption. , is about an hour; and MECHREVO notebook machines have a common problem, if the computer is not plugged in, the operating performance of the computer will be greatly weakened, and the battery will bulge within a year or two of use, or even unplug the power supply. It shuts down in minutes. In this case, you need to use professional battery testing software or use the battery testing program that comes with Windows 11 to confirm the health of the battery. Although the battery is a consumable item, it will be depleted even if it is used normally, but several game books of MECHREVO The battery drain is a bit surprising. For those who need to move out, it is still necessary to replace the battery.

5.Upgrade the SSD hard drive

In 2020, when the solid-state drive is still relatively expensive, MECHREVO is designed to use a solid-state drive with a mechanical hard drive to meet the daily configuration needs of players and the purpose of reducing notebook costs. The capacity of the solid-state drives used in several game books is relatively low, ranging from 256GB to 512GB. There are also top-of-the-line models that use 1TB solid-state drives, which are still used in the era when solid-state drives are popular A small-capacity solid-state drive + a mechanical hard drive is indeed a bit overwhelming; players who have requirements for disk read and write speed and game loading speed can also upgrade the SSD with large capacity and high read and write speed to improve notebook performance.

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