Introduction to the performance of RTX 4090

How powerful will RTX 4090 be?

How powerful will RTX 4090 be?
The RTX40 series has been released!
Just (September 20), Nvidia officially released the RTX 4090 flagship graphics card, which has 76 billion transistors, 16384 CUDA cores and 284bit 24 GB high-speed Micron GDDR6X video memory, and continues to run at more glues than 1400 FPS .
It is said that compared to the 3090Ti, the performance of the 4090 can be increased by up to 4 times in ray tracing games; in modern games, the performance can be improved by up to 2 times, while the power consumption remains at 450W.
How powerful will RTX 4090 be
The performance of RTX 4080 12G released at the same time also exceeds 3090Ti. The 16G version has 9728 CUDA cores and 16 GB of high-speed Micron GDDR6X video memory, which can double the performance of 3080Ti in some modern game.
How powerful will RTX 4090 be
The GPU was announced at GTC 2022, and reviews showed that the RTX 4090 might just be the fastest GPU ever. For $1599, you can get this ultra-fast 40-series graphics card right now.
How powerful will RTX 4090 be
The future is here, GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master series graphics cards are officially launched!
Not long ago, the GALAX RTX4090 Xingyao/Metal Master series graphics card was unveiled across the ages, witnessing a new historical change, and now it is here.
How powerful will RTX 4090 be
The new generation of RTX40 series graphics card adopts NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, the new TSMC customized 4N process, which is specially optimized for GPU, and can achieve up to 2 times the leap in performance and power consumption; The Ada optical flow accelerator can bring twice the performance improvement.
DLSS3 technology is new, it can predict the motion changes from frame to frame in the scene, and through the "frame generation" technology, the neural network can make the image greatly improve the frame rate while improving the quality.
The new RTX40 series GPUs will bring an unparalleled experience to content creators and gamers.
How powerful will RTX 4090 be
First release model:
GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master OC Initial price: About $1940
GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master Initial price: About $1869
On-shelf time: 2022/10/12 21:00
Now, let us pass the video card evaluation of GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master OC, and feel the surging performance of the new generation of RTX series flagship graphics cards up close!

1. Packaging

How powerful will RTX 4090 be
On the packaging box of GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master OC, the classic metal style and mechanical armor design of the Metal Master series has been further implemented, and the bright silver color scheme and domineering appearance are extraordinary and stand out.
How powerful will RTX 4090 be
The back of the box briefly describes some of the product features of the GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master OC, such as an all-alloy top cover and back panel, exclusive magic disk software, RTX/8KHDR support, etc. Players can have a good understanding of this graphics card through the box initial understanding.


How powerful will RTX 4090 be
Corresponding to its huge packing box, the main body of the GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master OC graphics card should not be underestimated.
Compared to the previous generation of metal masters, it has expanded in weight and size. The metal lines on the surface have changed from curves to more precise straight lines, with sharp edges and corners, and the sides are aggressive.
How powerful will RTX 4090 be
The front of the graphics card: All-aluminum alloy die-casting cover, with streamlined geometric lines, outlines a domineering appearance like a stern giant.
The metal master series focuses on the concept of "no light is better than light". Although it does not have a lighting system, it can reflect the light of other hardware in the room or inside the chassis through bright silver color matching and unique metal craftsmanship, pursuing the purest metal Texture and cooling efficiency.
Graphics card backplane: all-metal reinforced backplane, large area hollowed out, reducing tail weight, taking into account the best heat dissipation air duct, coping with huge heat during operation; different metal textures.


How powerful will RTX 4090 be Luxurious materials, creating a new era of flagship Kahuang brand-new TSMC4N process, equipped with AD-102 flagship core How powerful will RTX 4090 be The RTX40 series GPU adopts the new AdaLovelace architecture and TSMC4N process, which is specially optimized for GPU, and can achieve a performance-to-power ratio leap of up to 2 times.
AD-102 flagship core has 16384 stream processors, providing powerful performance support for GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master OC. Equipped with GDDR6X high-speed video memory, the speed is as high as 21Gbps, and the total capacity is 24GB, which is worthy of the name flagship.
Luxury digital power supply, non-common version PCB layout luxury 18+4-phase digital power supply, 14-layer non-common version PCB, escorting the stable operation of GALAX RTX4090 Metal Master OC. tupian The new generation of cold star cooling system, calm the audience Super large exclusive static frost fan, support smart start and stop

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