Testing the laptop battery

How to Test a Laptop Battery?

How to Test a Laptop Battery?

We use this manual, after a while, the amount of power generated by the battery is clearly visible, and the information about the power output is very clear. What is the self-battery information, how to test the battery, is there a way to test the battery? Underside is a master craftsman.

1.How to test the written battery

General demand for battery measurement Information on battery life, capacity, voltage, wear and tear, etc. This information is for general demand and is available for commercial use. In addition, it is possible to use the system's self-contained battery information report function, take the battery usage record, and then judge the average life of the battery.

Passage status information and battery usage record, the actual status of the battery can be used in all directions.

2.Laptop battery detection software which is better

What is included in the battery pack:

The first category is the information about the current status of the battery that can be displayed, such as Batterymon, BatteryTest, BatteryInfoView, etc., the manufacturer name, the serial number, the date of manufacture, the power status (charge/discharge), the current battery. Capacity, full charge capacity, voltage, charge/discharge rate, etc.; second class, it is a commercial hard test tool, battery condition test is one of its supporting functions, mainly represented by AIDA64.

After all, there is a big difference between the functions of the two types of cars, and AIDA64 is a hard tool for testing, and it also has the ability to measure the strength of the hard part. Due to the AIDA64, it is a real-time control sensor, which can collect accurate information such as voltage, temperature, etc., and has a strong diagnostic ability. It is very professional and comprehensive for the battery.

 How to use:

After opening AIDA64, turn on "computer" -> "power management", enter the power management interface. In the interface, the upper surface shows the usage of the power supply, the power supply used, the upper surface shows the remaining life information. Below is detailed information about the battery, comprehensive equipment name, serial number, battery type, capacity, battery wear, etc. Among them, our main concerns are the capacity and the degree of wear and tear.

3.how to estimate the average battery life

In addition to obtaining the current state of the battery, we generally want to know the actual service life of the battery, that is, how long it can be used after being fully charged. The above AIDA64 reflects the current estimated battery life, so how long has the battery actually been used recently? We hope to confirm with historical information.

The Windows system comes with the powercfg command of PowerShell to achieve this requirement.


Find Windows PowerShell from the system Start menu and open it. Enter "powercfg /batteryreport" in the command line and press Enter. A battery report is generated.

Go to the command line prompt path (C:\XX\battery-report.html), find the report and open it, you can see the battery report.

There is a battery life estimate at the bottom, which is calculated based on historical data statistics. The interface displays the actual usage time of the battery recently, and counts all battery life records since the system was installed.

The above is the author's introduction to the detection method of laptop batteries. First, I explained how to do battery detection, and then answered the two practical questions of "Which is the best laptop battery detection software" and "How to estimate the average life of the battery", I hope Can help readers.

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