How to test a car battery with a multimeter?

How to test a car battery with a multimeter?

For a car that is mainly driven by batteries, the battery is one of its important parts. If there is a problem with the battery, it will affect the normal use of the car. For example, there is a problem with the hardware of the electronic system, the headlights of the car stop working, and the engine starts abnormally.

As the life of a car battery wears down, we need to check its health from time to time. This helps the battery last longer. So, how to test the car battery? An effective tool is used here, that is, a multimeter.

At present, we can see more digital multimeters, which have a small screen to display the readings. It can be used to test the current, voltage, resistance, etc. of the car battery, and then help you understand the usage of the battery.


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How to use a multimeter to detect the car battery voltage?

1.Turn on the headlights of the car and turn off the lights after 2-3 minutes to eliminate the charge on the battery surface;

2.Find the rotary knob of the multimeter and set it to 15-20V (this means the measuring range is between 15-20V). A healthy car battery maintains a voltage of approximately 12.6 volts;

3.Find the red and black test leads on the multimeter. Connect the plug of the red test lead to the VΩmA port on the multimeter, and the plug of the black test lead to the COM port;

4.Connect the test leads to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Similarly, red is connected to the positive pole of the battery, and black is connected to the negative pole;

5.Observe the voltage reading on the multimeter at this time. For example, if the car battery voltage shows 12.6V, it means the car is fully charged. If the reading is 12.2V, it means that the actual charging capacity of the battery is about 50%, and so on. It should be noted that if the voltage reading deviates too far from the rated value, there may be a problem or failure of the battery.


How to use a multimeter to detect the car battery current?

In fact, the steps to measure current with a multimeter are similar to the steps for measuring voltage above:

1.Cut off the connection between the battery and the circuit;

2.Turn the dial of the multimeter to set the current range of the direct current to match the measurement object. For example, if the battery is 100mAh, the power range selection of the multimeter is 200mA.

3.Connect the plug of the red test lead of the multimeter to the VΩmA port, and the plug of the black test lead to the COM port;

4.Connect the test leads to the positive and negative terminals of the battery;

5.Read the reading on the multimeter display. If the reading is close to the battery rating, the battery is functioning properly. If the values deviate significantly, there may be some problem with the battery.

In addition to the above method steps, testing the starting current of the car battery can also detect the battery. It's just that this method requires two people, one to control the ignition and the other to take the measurements.

1.Connect the multimeter to the car battery to start the car's ignition system;

2.During the running of the car engine, pay attention to observe and measure the voltage. A perfect battery is one where the voltage reading drops back up to around 12V after an initial dip and remains constant.

But it is worth noting that if the initial reading of the battery is ≥5 or <10, it means that it is gradually weakening; if it is less than 5, it means that you need to replace the new battery in time.

The multimeter can effectively test the condition of the car battery and help you take reasonable measures for the problems with the battery.

If you are worried that using a multimeter to detect car batteries is too complicated, you can start with batteries such as remote controls and desk lamps.

Of course, in addition to testing car batteries, the multimeter can also test other types of batteries such as AA batteries and lithium batteries. It has a wide range of uses.

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