The Best Ways to Maintain Your Laptop's Life

How to keep my laptop battery healthy?

How to keep my laptop battery healthy?

   There are many different suggestions on how to charge a laptop battery, when to charge it, and even where it should be charged.

  we all know that laptop battery is not going to last you forever.

However, there are some things you can do to ensure a longer, healthier battery.

1.Keep the battery cool

   Turning the laptop over and blowing lightly for 10 to 15 minutes a day to keep it cool will greatly improve battery life, something that most people ignore.

   When your laptop overheats, it's going to be bad for both your processor and your battery, with a hot battery degrading health faster than a cold battery. It's best to keep away from heat sources when using your laptop, but it's equally important when storing your laptop.

  The best way to store your battery is in cool temperatures, if you store your laptop at 32-55 degrees and use it daily, the battery will only lose 4% of its total charge after 3 months.

  Conversely, if you store the laptop at 80-100 degrees during daily use, the battery will lose 20-30% of its total charge.  

 2.Don't leave it fully charged

   Have you heard of the 40/80 rule?

   It is more suitable for nickel-based batteries, try to keep the charge between 40% and 80%.  

    Although the rule is said to not target newer lithium-ion batteries, it's still a good guideline.

  If possible, keep it within that range to maximize its lifespan. And if you do charge it to 100%, don't keep charging it. It's something most of us do, but it's another thing that can degrade battery health.

 3.Perform shallow discharges

   Li-Ion batteries should discharge a little before reaching 0% and then charge a little more, not straight to 0%.

   A study from Battery University shows that discharges to 50% are better for your battery's long-term life than say, small discharges to 90% or large discharges to 0% (since the 50% discharges provide the best number of cycles-to-usage ratio).


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 4. Fully discharge once a month

   Although Li-Ion batteries shouldn't be discharged regularly, most modern batteries are so-called "smart batteries," which means they can tell you when the battery is dead (eg: "2 hours 15 minutes remaining").

  This function may be miscalibrated after a large number of shallow discharges. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends fully discharging the battery once a month to ensure it is accurate.

  BatteryMall products have passed FCC and CE certification, our batteries can be charged 800-1000 times, can be used for up to 3-4 years, and provide a 2-year warranty.

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