Solving life without electricity

How do Ukrainians cope with life without electricity?

How do Ukrainians cope with life without electricity?

Ukraine has long been plunged into the cold. Since October, the infrastructure in many parts of Ukraine has been hit, and many major cities have experienced frequent power outages and water cuts.

As the temperature drops in winter, the power supply gap further widens, and the heating situation is severe. This winter has been an extremely cruel test for the Ukrainian people. So energy supply is also a big problem.

Since we cannot get a stable power supply, we can buy products that can store electricity to maintain our basic life. Kingsener first recommends SK616 Mini Portable UPS.

This product is the most portable multi-functional uninterruptible power supply, weighing only 480g, it can provide power for daily electronic equipment, network routers, elevators, lamps and other products.



SK616 Mini Portable UPS with 5V/9V/12V/15V/24V DC Interface & USB Port Max 24W 2A current output & 13200mAh 锂电池

使用优惠券代码 {kingsener} 订单满 $20 立省 8% 规格 型号:Mini UPS SK616 净重:480g 尺寸:159*112*32mm 太阳能板:≤18V/10-30W 输出电压:直流输出5种不同电压 内置电池:2200mAh*6 放电时间:具体放电时间需要根据负载功率确定 额定充电电流:2A 额定放电电流:2A 系统电压:11.1V 关断损耗:<200uA 过压保护:12.6V 充电电压:13V 欠压:1... Buy Now

一、Product performance

1.This system uses a microprocessor and a special control algorithm to realize intelligent control. It is a small DC power supply system specially designed for users in remote and power-scarce areas for field work, home lighting, and tourist camping.

 2.The circuit of this system uses a high-performance, high-precision 10-bit ADC microcontroller as the main control, with battery overcharge, overdischarge, overload and unique electronic short circuit protection and charging anti-reverse protection functions, ultra-low power standby, with USB output , Lighting output overload protection function, independent charging and discharging functions.

 3.This system is a pure DC output system, with one USB 5V2A output interface, one DC5V/2A output interface, one DC 9V/2 A output interface, one DC 12V/2 A output interface, and one DC 15V/1A output interface 1 interface, 1 DC 24V/1 A output interface.

 4.This product uses a well-known brand lithium battery, which is highly reliable and safe.


二、 Features

1.Using a single-chip microcomputer as the main control, it realizes intelligent control of battery charging and discharging, overcharge and overdischarge protection functions, and short circuit protection functions. When the load is overloaded, the system will automatically shut down and automatically return to normal after a few seconds. Effective Extended battery life, battery over-discharge voltage recovery control function.

2.Ultra-low power standby function: When the ON/OFF switch is in the OFF state, the product enters a low power consumption state.

3.USB output: when charging mobile phones, MP3/MP4, digital cameras and other digital products, the output current is 5V/2A.

4.Independent functions of charging and discharging: charging and discharging do not interfere with each other, realizing that discharging can be carried out at the same time when charging. Note: When multiple voltages are discharged at the same time, the total discharge power should not exceed 30W.

5.Charging and discharging indication function: monitor the charging and discharging status of the system at any time. When charging, the Charge indicator light flashes red, and the Work indicator light is always green; when fully charged, the two lights are always green; when discharging, the Work indicator light is green. When low voltage is present, the Charge indicator will light up in red.

 6.The product has overcharge, overdischarge, overload, and short circuit protection functions (short circuit protection needs to be activated by charging), and the red indicator light is always on when undervoltage.



1.Before using the product, please read the product manual carefully.

2.Do not use parts or electrical appliances that do not meet product specifications.

3.Non-professionals are not allowed to open the machine for maintenance to avoid product damage.

4.Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof the storage box, and it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

5.When using this system, do not use it near a fire source or under high temperature conditions.

6.Please save electricity on rainy days or rainy seasons, and turn off the switch when not in use.

7.Please charge the battery to more than 60% when not in use for a long time, and turn off the power switch, and perform a charging operation every 6 months.


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