KingSener Battery Instructions

Guidance Notes For KingSener Laptop Battery

Guidance Notes For KingSener Laptop Battery

  Thank you for purchasing a rechargeable laptop battery from KingSener.

Guidance Notes For KingSener Laptop Battery

   Our battery was tested and checked well before shipment. Under the normal usting condition,the life of the lithium battery is about 800-1000 time of cycles, so that usually as far as possible to use the fast end (5-7%) in charge, the average use time is 5 to 8 years.

If the battery won’t charge, or doesn’t work properly after installation, there are some causes:

  1.Could be caused by battery loose. Please remove the battery and try to install more than once.
  2.May be due to conductive material damaged which the laptop motherboard and battery anode and cathode contact position, you can try to confirm it with your original battery.
  3.Check whether the battery drive is in normal condition, if not, download the corresponding driver software to update.
  4.Take out the battery and press the power button for about 15 seconds to consume the internal residual power (Do not connect the power cord), and then reinstall the battery. You can try several times.
  5.Try using a new adapter,make sure you install the battery in the correct way

  Turn off the laptop and disconnect the power adapter before installing the new battery; if you’re not sure how to install it correctly, ask for help at your local maintenance shop or consult us.

Activate the new battery’s optimal capacity

  For first use, it is recommended that you charge a new battery for 6-12 hours, then unplug the laptop from the power source to allow it to discharge to around 3%. And then recharging it again, repeat this process 2-3 times. This will help the laptop’s power management system to indicate accurate battery capacity and remaining time.

Daily maintenance for laptop battery

  We suggest that you do the above battery activation at least once every two months, as it will extend the working time and life of your battery. If you won’t be using the battery for a month or longer, we suggest you charge the battery to 50%-80% capacity and then remove it from the laptop, store it in a clean, dry place until you need it again.

Warning: Do not expose the battery pack to direct sunlight and other heat sources, and keep it away from water and other liquids at all times.

If you want to learn more about battery knowledge, check out our


The battery’s working time - if unplugged from mains power - depends on factors such as:

The speed of the laptop’s processor
The amount of application softwares
The brightness of the screen
The number of wireless interface devices
The amount of time that you’re using it for 

Feedback and Review

  If you doexperience a problem, rather than opening a dispute or posting a negative review online, we’d invite you firstly to send an email to Nancy at the following address: - we have an expert technical team here, and will do our best to try to solve the problem.
If you’re satisfied with our products and service, we’d be grateful for a 5 star rating and a great review!

Thanks and best wishes from all at KingSener

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