About Laptop Batteries

What is a laptop battery?

What is a laptop battery?

Laptop batteries are the remote power source for all types of laptops. They are what make laptops so mobile.

Although laptops can be used without batteries, they are not nearly as convenient and lose considerable efficiency. Laptop batteries have evolved over the years to be more functional and durable than their predecessors.

In most cases, modern laptop batteries are lithium-ion batteries. They have an excellent power-to-weight ratio and outlast many other types of rechargeable batteries.
Laptop batteries made from lithium-ion also have no memory effect, meaning they don't need to be fully charged the next time.


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Over the years, many types of laptop batteries have emerged. Initially, mobile computing used AA batteries as its power source. However, this approach quickly became obsolete when rechargeable batteries such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride appeared.

These are good predecessors to current technology and represent a huge improvement over acid batteries, but there are some problems. They have to be fully charged every time and lose the ability to charge after a while. Eventually, even lithium-ion batteries will need to be replaced, like all laptop batteries, but they will last much longer than earlier technologies.

As laptop batteries age, they lose their ability to stay charged because the resistance within the battery increases. It is recommended to go to a computer manufacturer that specializes in making batteries to buy replacement laptop batteries, you can buy professional batteries at BatteryMall.com.

Laptop battery life depends on the situation. A laptop that is heavily used needs a new battery replacement almost every year.

You may find that the battery lasts two years or more before it needs to be replaced. Eventually, the chargeability of a laptop battery can become so low that it can't power the computer at all.


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One of the newest features of laptop batteries is fast charging. Many times, it takes hours to charge a laptop. These new batteries are said to charge 80 percent of the battery's capacity in just one minute.

Of course, these fast-charging batteries do cost more and may not last as long as conventional batteries, but the benefits may outweigh the reduction in capacity, especially for business users who rely on their computers to move around on a daily basis.


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