The best way to fix fast battery drain on your phone

Why is my phone battery dying so fast?-Useful Repair Tips

Why is my phone battery dying so fast?-Useful Repair Tips

  At present, the time of using the mobile phone occupies most of our life, so the mobile phone battery is also very fast, and then we will teach you how to delay the mobile phone battery time.

What are the repair methods for mobile phone lithium batteries?

1.Wipe Lithium Batteries

  Use a clean eraser or other cleaning tool to gently wipe the metal contacts on the lithium-ion battery and the metal contacts on the mobile phone to remove the rust on the surface and make the battery better contact with the mobile phone.

The principle of the repair method: when the lithium-ion battery is used for a long time, the metal surface will be oxidized to a certain extent, resulting in poor contact between the mobile phone battery and the mobile phone, and shortening the use time of the lithium-ion battery.

2.Frozen lithium battery

Step 1: wrap the lithium-ion battery of the old mobile phone with a plastic wrap, and try to be gentle when wrapping it. Three layers inside and outside to ensure that the battery is in a vacuum state.

Step 2: Cover the plastic wrap with three layers of newspaper to completely seal the Li-ion battery.

Step 3: Put it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator, take out the battery after 48 hours, and tear off the six layers of wrapping paper layer by layer. Lithium-ion batteries do not swell or deform on the surface due to freezing

Step 4: After cooling for a while, charge it.

The principle of the repair method: The low temperature will change the electrolyte inside the lithium-ion battery, thereby promoting the chemical reaction of the battery that has just been frozen.
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What are the ways to extend the life of the lithium battery of the mobile phone?

1. Correct charging method.

  Most cell phones these days use lithium-ion batteries, which are no longer fully discharged and fully charged. The first charging time should not exceed 12 hours, otherwise it is not good for the mobile phone. Also, multiple micro-charging is not a good option.

  Try to use original chargers or reliable chargers. If a copycat charger is used, it is likely to cause damage to the mobile phone, and may even cause dangerous hazards such as explosion.

2. Control the battery temperature.

  Try to prevent the battery from overheating. When your phone overheats, the battery drains quickly whether you're using it or not.
  Reasonable management of traffic, wifi, bluetooth switches. It is recommended to turn off the bluetooth when not using it, and turn on the data and wifi buttons when using it.

3. Turn off unnecessary notifications and pushes.

  As long as we surf the Internet every day, our mobile phones will receive various push notifications, such as app push notifications, email and message reading notifications, etc. Too many push notifications tend to drain the battery, which in turn drains it. affect battery life.

4. Turn off GPS positioning.

  Turning on GPS (Global Positioning System) also consumes a lot of battery power and even some phones get hot. The easiest way to do this is to turn off location services in settings, which automatically disables all apps from using the feature. Activate this function when you want to open software such as maps.

5. Regularly clean up the background and turn on power monitoring.

  The biggest headache when using a mobile phone is the power consumption of background apps. It is recommended that you manage automatically enabled software and maintain a good habit of cleaning the background.

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