The Best Way to Charge Your Dell Latitude Battery

How to Charge a Dell Latitude Battery?

How to Charge a Dell Latitude Battery?

  The Dell Latitude laptop series features a removable lithium-ion battery that, when properly charged, will give you hundreds of hours of portable power.

 You don't need to worry about running out of battery during a presentation, travel or business meeting.

1.Check the remaining battery charge by double-clicking the battery icon in the Windows taskbar.

 If the Dell QuickSet feature is installed on the laptop, press the "F3" and "Fn" keys at the same time to view the battery charge gauge.


2.If Latitude gives you a low battery warning message (which appears when the battery is 10% charged), save your work.

If you don't charge at this point, the laptop will quickly go into hibernation mode.



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3.If the laptop or battery feels hot to the touch, turn it off.

If it gets too hot, the laptop might not charge the battery. When you try to charge the battery, an on-screen indicator will alert you when the temperature is too high. This icon flashes alternately orange and green.


4.Connect the AC adapter to the AC port on the side of the Latitude.

If you have a 9-cell battery and want to charge it using the ExpressCharge feature, use a 90W AC adapter.


5.Connect the other end of the AC adapter to a power outlet.

The laptop starts charging. With ExpressCharge, the battery takes two hours to fully charge; without this feature, it takes about four hours.


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