The fastest way to tell if a bose speaker is fake

How to tell fake Bose speakers?

How to tell fake Bose speakers?

   With the hot sale of BOSE audio, there are more and more counterfeit products on the market. Unfortunately for the Soundlink Mini, the fakes reproduce very well.
   We'll show you some of the differences below to make sure you don't buy anything.

  Most knockoffs are well packaged. Sound quality is where the real problem lies, so use the steps below to verify that your Soundlink Mini is genuine.

Step 1: The first thing to check is the "Bose" alignment on the speakers. On the real one you can see the "Bose" is straight, but on the fake it goes uphill.

(This picture is fake)

Step 2: Remove the bottom cover and check the position of "RU" and some other misprints. Your device should look like the one on the left, most fakes are misprinted, or lack the printed text.

Step 3: Please check the connector on the bracket. The real connector is spring loaded, the fake is rigid.

(The picture is genuine)

Step 4: Look at the Soundlink connected when the dock is docked. They should be flat and not concave. If it looks like the one on the right, it's fake.



Step 5: Check the rubber around the back of the speaker. On many fakes, the quality is poor and doesn't look uniform. This is a high-end device, and even small details like this should look perfect.(Genuine on the left)


Step 6If you have a scale, weigh in pounds. The real weight will be slightly heavier.

  Through the comparison of the above seven points, are the Bose speakers you bought genuine?


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