10 Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

10 Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

As many users' laptops will have short battery life and obvious aging after using them for too long, so paying attention to some small details when using laptops can effectively prolong the service life of laptop batteries.

1. Keep your laptop's battery above 10%.

The practice has proved that deep discharge of the battery will shorten the service life of the battery. Therefore, in general, when the battery power reaches 10%, it can be charged. Because of the memory effect, it is best not to charge when the power is still 30%. to charge.

2. Choose the original product when charging the laptop.

Buying a notebook now will deliver the corresponding power adapter. The power adapter is a power supply conversion device for notebook computers, which provides stable low-voltage direct current for notebook computers.

For some users who have failed power adapters, do not buy so-called "compatible power adapters", because the current, voltage, and even power connectors of each laptop are different.

3. Ensure that the notebook has a stable voltage during use.

When charging, try to avoid using the same power socket for the notebook's power adapter and high-power electrical appliances to ensure that the notebook can have a stable voltage.

4. Ensure that the laptop battery has power when the laptop is idle.

For notebooks that do not need to be used frequently, they also need to maintain a certain amount of power when they are idle. It is best to charge the battery to 50% of the power.
Because the battery has the property of self-discharge, too low power is not good for the maintenance of the battery.

5. Pay attention to maintain the working environment of the battery.

In the process of using the notebook, when the temperature gradually rises, the cooling base of the notebook needs to be used, so it is necessary to regularly maintain the notebook base or clean up the dust to ensure that the working environment of the battery is good.

6. Unplug the external device after use.

Because some devices consume a lot of power, such as external hard disks with USB interfaces, external optical drives and other devices, connecting these devices will greatly shorten the battery life, so you should unplug them as much as possible when using the battery to save power. Save power and reduce battery drain on your laptop.

7. Learn how to use a laptop for power management.

Because the Windows system has a built-in power management function, users can set different power plans according to different needs, such as dimming the brightness, automatically entering the sleep state after 5 minutes of notebook inactivity, turning off Bluetooth, turning off the speaker, etc., so as to protect the notebook. Energy saving, reducing the loss of the battery.

8. It is forbidden to use equipment and interfaces that are not in use.

Generally speaking, some internal devices and interfaces in laptops are not often used. You only need to double-click the devices to be disabled in the "Device Manager" to disable them, especially when using the laptop with battery power. These devices and interfaces should be temporarily disabled.

9. Turn off the laptop screen saver.

The screen saver consumes a lot of power, especially some complex screen savers may consume more power than normal operation, so it is recommended not to turn on the screen saver function when using the battery.

10. Try to avoid multitasking, just run the necessary programs.

The multitasking working method will quickly consume the power in the notebook battery, so try to avoid such problems, and divide the tasks according to the importance of the tasks.


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