BOSE SoundLink Mini II

How to Replace BOSE SoundLink Mini 2 Battery?

How to Replace BOSE SoundLink Mini 2 Battery?

Ever had your SoundLink Mini II not turn on when you pressed the power button? Can not boot? In this article I will teach you how to replace the battery on your Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker.

Before proceeding to disassembly, please set the system to "Ship Mode".


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Step 1: Turn the SoundLink Mini 2 upside down, gently remove the rubber base by pulling the edge, and remove the four 6mm T9 Torx screws at the corner of the battery.

Step 2: Insert the tip of the tool between the grille and the Grille TABs, between the PSA and the grille tabs that hold the grille in place, and carefully remove the grille

Step 3: Remove the 8 screws fixing the front bezel, use tools (non-metallic) to pry up the front bezel, and remove the front bezel. (To avoid damaging the cabinet, do not use the cabinet as a pry point to remove the grille. Metal shavings may be present when removing the screws from the aluminum bosses of the enclosure. Efforts must be made to avoid metal shavings entering the unit.)

Step 4: Pull out the Boost Board from the Main PCB Slot, and push it out of the cabinet together with the battery
Insert the Boost Board of the new Kingsener battery back into the Main PCB Slot, and fix the battery mounting device in place. (Need to use electric welding tools to weld the motherboard on the new battery)

Step 5: Install the front baffle back to a fixed position, and lock 8 screws. After locking the screws, pay attention to install it back to the grille. Do not use brute force throughout the process to avoid damage. Finally, fix the 4 screws that fix the battery and install the rubber base.

How to Replace BOSE SoundLink Mini 2 Battery?

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The following is the operation video, if you don't understand the steps, you can check the video.


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