Why Purchase Philips AEDs?

Why Purchase Philips AEDs?

Automated external defibrilator (AED) is a device that examines a person's heart and delivers an electric shock if the heart stops beating normally. If a person collapses suddenly due to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the pumping function of the heart is not working properly.

This means that the patient needs emergency help, which is a quick electrical shock (also known as defibrillation ) to the patient's heart. This is where the automated external defibrillator (AED) comes in, which helps ordinary people defibrillate quickly.

AED, for most people who are not familiar with relevant medical knowledge and skills, may think that it is very difficult to use. Imagine that when we encounter a patient with sudden cardiac arrest, can we respond quickly and bravely using AED for rescue? With this in mind, Philips has designed AEDs with life-coaching features to help us take rescue actions quickly, confidently, and courageously.


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Why choose to buy a Philips AED?

1.Deliver shock quickly, saving rescue time

Research has shown that the benefits of CPR for victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) are greater than we thought. Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the patient can increase the probability of a successful electric shock, thereby increasing the probability of a successful rescue.

Philips AEDs can help increase the success rate of shocks by delivering shocks quickly, reducing the interruption time between CPR and shock. The Philips AED is one of the devices of its kind that can quickly deliver shock therapy after CPR, improving patient survival.

2.Design intelligence to help take the right action

We know that when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, blood flow to the brain and other vital organs stops. Sudden cardiac arrest can easily lead to death if not treated within minutes with an AED. Faced with such an emergency, everyone will inevitably be nervous and overwhelmed.

With Philips AED, it can guide us to take decisive rescue action. Because when we put the pads of the Philips AED on the patient, it automatically senses the patient's heart rhythm and determines the best steps to take. We don't need to panic, the device itself will diagnose the patient, provide the patient with the appropriate amount of treatment, and give the correct instructions according to the rescuer's operating steps.

3.High current low energy to deliver the correct shock

Philips AEDs deliver high currents with low-energy shocks to maximize the effectiveness of the shock. Correct and effective electric shock is one of the keys to improving the survival rate of patients.

 4.Widely used and suitable for many occasions

Philips AED has a large sales volume and is widely used in schools, enterprises, sports institutions, medical institutions, etc. all over the world. This means its equipment is guaranteed and trustworthy.

Philips has professional medical equipment design and manufacturing experience in the field of cardiac care and can understand the needs of equipment users. When we are considering buying an AED, Philips may be a good choice.


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