Replacing BMW MKD35UP battery

Precautions for replacing BMW MKD35UP battery

Precautions for replacing BMW MKD35UP battery

A standard key fob battery usually lasts three to four years. Depending on which BMW keys you have, it may be time to replace them.

Questions about BMW MKD35UP battery replacement

Maximize battery performance:

Break-in of new battery - The new BMW MKD35UP battery is in a discharged state and must be fully charged before use.
It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge the new battery of the BMW MKD35UP 2 to 4 times to bring it to its maximum rated capacity.

Keep the battery clean - It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. This helps maintain a good connection between the battery and the portable device.

Battery Storage - If you are not going to use the BMW MKD35UP battery for a month or more, we recommend that you store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. NiCd, NiMH, and Li-Ion batteries self-discharge during storage; remember to disassemble them before use.

Exercise your battery - don't leave your BMW MKD35UP battery pack dormant for long periods of time. We recommend using the battery at least every two to three weeks. If the battery has not been used for a long time, follow the steps above to replace it with a new one.

Prevent Memory Effect - Keep your battery healthy by fully charging it and then fully discharging it at least every two to three weeks. The exception to this rule is lithium-ion batteries that are immune to memory effects.

Be aware of this: Weak batteries charge faster and hold the "ready" light longer than strong batteries. And it can only be used for a short period of time. So don't buy a used BMW MKD35UP battery, even if it's very cheap, as a used battery usually means a low battery.

Kingsener MKD35UP ID-Geber Display Battery For 5/6/7/X3 X5 X6 530le 730 740 745 760li 530l Key remote key battery MKD35UP++ 9442976-01 AE2536561

Kingsener MKD35UP ID-Geber Display Battery For 5/6/7/X3 X5 X6 530le 730 740 745 760li 530l Key remote key battery MKD35UP++ 9442976-01 AE2536561

Specification: Battery Model:MKD35UP Capacity: 2.14WH/580mAh Voltage: 3.7V Battery Type: Li-ion Cell: Made in China, high quality guarantee Color:Black  Condition:Replacement Battery (100% Brand New,2 years warranty!)... Buy Now


How long will my battery last?

Two factors determine the duration of a compatible MKD35UP battery replacement: runtime and charge-discharge cycles. Elapsed time is a measure of how much time can elapse before.


Should I charge the battery before use, each use and/or during storage?

When you first get a compatible BMW MKD35UP replacement battery, you should charge it until your charger or device indicates that it is fully charged. If your device/charger does not indicate if it is fully charged, check your device/charger manual for charging times. A full charge may take 1-12 hours, depending on the battery chemistry and the type of device and charger. After that, it's best to charge it as needed, while making sure not to leave it on a low battery level for an extended period of time.

What could cause my battery to die?

Over time, compatible MKD35UP battery replacements will degrade and eventually stop working. In fact, a compatible BMW MKD35UP battery replacement starts a very slow process from the very first charge, causing it to stop functioning.


Will my battery discharge itself when not in use? What is the self-discharge rate of the battery?

All rechargeable batteries naturally self-discharge over a period of time, regardless of whether the battery is used or not. This means that a compatible BMW MKD35UP battery replacement capacity will drop from 100% to 0% over a period of time.


Instructions for use

1. Do not disassemble, puncture, modify, drop, drop, or otherwise damage the battery.
2. Do not immerse the BMW MKD35UP battery in water or get it wet.
3. Do not use or charge batteries that leak, discolor, rust or deform, emit odors, or cause other abnormalities.
4. Do not directly touch the leaked battery. Put on a protective cloth to remove these batteries and dispose of them in the correct manner immediately.
Features of our BMW MKD35UP battery:

1. This BMW MKD35UP battery replacement uses Li-Ion technology to make the battery cycle charge and last longer.
2. Standard system battery specification, BMW MKD35UP battery replacement is 100% compatible with your key.
3. The replacement battery for BMW MKD35UP is 100% brand new from the manufacturer as your genuine part.
4. Buy BMW MKD35UP replacement key battery, the price is reasonable, the shopping experience is satisfied, and the warranty is one year.

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