Precautions for battery temperature

How cold is too cold for your battery?

How cold is too cold for your battery?

 Don't lose sight of the battery while you get high productivity with your laptop.

 There is such a season every year, it brings to mind one of the most often overlooked, and incredibly important questions we face when it comes to caring for our batteries. Does the temperature of my work environment actually have a negative impact on my batteries? Well, the short answer, is yes.



A lithium-ion or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery which uses the reversible reduction of lithium ions to store energy.

It is the predominant battery type used in portable consumer electronics and electric vehicles. It also sees significant use for grid-scale energy storage and military and aerospace applications. Compared to other rechargeable battery technologies, Li-ion batteries have high energy densities, low self-discharge, and no memory effect.

This means that our laptops, smartphones, cameras, and even the machines we use at home are powered by lithium-ion batteries.


 二.The problem battery faced in a low-temperature environment

Did you know that battery capacity (in simple terms, how long your battery will last) is reduced in cold temperatures and increases in warmer climates? A good example of this would be when your camera battery dies on a cold winter afternoon, even though it worked fine the morning. The effects of temperature on your batteries can actually be quite significant.



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 三.How cold weather damage your laptop battery

Different types of batteries have different temperature requirements. Generally speaking, your laptop battery is suggested to be charged in ambient temperatures between 0-50℃ .

Under normal circumstances, the limit ambient temperature of lithium-ion batteries is -20°C to 60°C, and 0°C to 40°C is the most reasonable working environment. To maximize the performance potential of notebook batteries, around 20°C is the best operating environment. However, when the ambient temperature is lower than the minimum temperature limit (such as -25°C), the reaction rate of the battery electrodes is very low, the electrolyte may even freeze, and the battery performance may only be 10%, seriously affecting the battery life.


 四.What happens if you put your battery in an extreme environment?

Many types of lithium-ion cells cannot be charged safely below 0 °C. While charging at temperatures below 0 °C, the negative electrode of the cells gets plated with pure lithium, which may cause complications such as internal short-circuit paths and compromise the safety of the whole pack.

A good thing to take away from this is that Batteries should always be kept fully charged in cold weather. If you are in a place with a temperature lower than 0 degrees Celsius, your batteries should be heated to protect them. When the battery is discharged, the electrolyte can freeze if exposed to cold temperatures severe enough, which will cause larger problems when it comes time for the battery to be used.

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