Dell laptop power light blinking

How to fix the flickering power light on a Dell laptop?

How to fix the flickering power light on a Dell laptop?

I believe that many Dell notebook enthusiasts will encounter such a situation, the power indicator keeps flashing after booting; and it flashes with the switching of different colors.

Under normal circumstances, the power indicator is always on and the color is fixed after the power is turned on. The different colors are only changed when there is an exception or a state switch.
When the indicator light flashes back and forth between different colors, most users will feel flustered!

So, let's interpret the indicator lights of Dell notebooks together, and then enter the topic of this article. I hope it can help many Dell notebook lovers to know the status of their notebooks in real time.


Take Dell Lingyue 14 series notebooks as an example

The first is the power light, solid white: the computer is on; flashing white slowly: the computer is in standby; off: the computer is off or in hibernation.

The second is the hard drive activity light, which lights up when the computer reads or writes data, and flashes to indicate that there is activity on the hard drive.

The third is the battery indicator light, solid white: on, off, standby or hibernation, battery <98%; off: on, off, standby or hibernation, battery>98%; solid amber On: On or standby, battery>=10%; Off: On, off, standby or hibernation, battery>10%

The fourth is the network indicator, which will light up when the network is turned on.

The fifth is the upper and lower case indicator


The first four lights are a common arrangement on Dell notebooks, and the fifth upper and lower case lights are skewed on some new Dell notebooks.

Look carefully at the symbols marked above the notebook lights to identify different lighting uses.

And different models of notebook power indicator colors are not the same, there are green, yellow, white and so on.

After understanding the order and function of the Dell notebook indicators, let's take a deep dive into the core topic of this issue: the abnormal flashing of the power indicator and the solution.

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Dell notebooks usually light up in a fixed color after being powered on. When the lights of different colors flash alternately, it means that there is a problem with the power battery! You can check as follows:

1. Check the power cord connector. During the charging process of the laptop, it is easy to cause the power indicator to flash continuously due to improper connection of the charging power supply and poor contact. You can re-confirm whether the power cable is connected correctly.

2. Shut down and restart, sometimes due to the operation of the computer hardware, it is easy to cause the indicator light to flicker. You can try to shut down and restart. If it is running, some of the above problems should be able to be solved.

3. Battery problem, in the case of charging, unplug the battery of the computer, if the indicator light flashes better, it means that the problem is probably caused by the battery, such as battery aging and other problems, then you need to replace the laptop battery .

4. When the battery hardware fails to self-check or fails, first shut down and unplug the power adapter (the interface in the middle of the main body is also re-plugged and fixed in place) and the battery, and press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to release static electricity. Then connect the power supply and battery respectively, and try to boot normally.


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