Reasons for insufficient computer memory

Why is my computer always out of memory?

Why is my computer always out of memory?

 It's easy to run out of space on your computer, especially after you've been using it for a while. Use these 6 methods to check available hard drive space to determine which files and things are taking up a lot of space on your computer.

1. What is taking up most of my space?

One of the easiest places to find files that take up a lot of space on your computer is the Recycle Bin.
The Recycle Bin is where your deleted files are located. It will not be deleted automatically.
Conversely, if you delete the file by mistake, which will give you some time to recover the file, it will take up a lot of space. Windows 10 allocates 10% of the free space on your hard drive to deleted files, and that will increase soon.
Open the Recycle Bin and click the Empty option to free up space immediately.

2. Which are taking up all my storage space?

Windows 10 and above offer a bit about what can be installed on your system and thus take up a lot of space. Click Settings > System > Storage to see your total space available and storage usage for other file types.
Click Show more categories to get a full overview of where all your storage is going.
Also in Storage, you can turn on Storage Sense to allow Windows to automatically free up space by occasionally deleting unnecessary files.

3 Do you need temporary files?

Windows 10 often requires temporary files, and while they are temporary, these files linger longer than you might think.

Use Disk Cleanup to delete them. Open Disk Cleanup, and click on your hard drive. Click Clean System Files to remove all unnecessary system files. This includes temporary files, temporary Internet files, Recycle Bin contents, and any other files that are no longer needed.


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4. Do photos and videos take up a lot of space?

Photos and videos are often the primary files that take up a lot of space on a computer's hard drive. Your best bet is to store them elsewhere. They can be stored on the cloud using One Drive built into Windows 10 and 11.

Using OneDrive means you can easily store large files on the cloud so you can access them from your computer anytime you have an internet connection.

In File Explorer, select the OneDrive folder, and then select the files and folders that are taking up the most space. Free up by right-clicking a file or folder and clicking Free up space to bring the file online only space on the computer.

5. Does the app take up space?

If you have many applications and programs installed on your computer, they can take up a lot of space. Games can be particularly large, so it's best to uninstall apps you don't use often.

If you're not sure which apps are taking up the most space, click Settings > Apps > Apps & features, then click the Size filter next to Sort by to see the largest apps.

6. Do multiple users take up space?

If you share the device with someone else and have his own account, the files they store will definitely take up space In Windows 10 and 11, deleting a user is easy, just go to settings and click Accounts, Home and Others users, and then click Remove the account next to No longer used.

By doing so, this deletes all of that user's data from the computer. This includes system files, apps, games, and files stored in Documents, OneDrive, pictures, music, videos, and others.


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