KingSener  A1496 Battery Installation and Evaluation

KingSener Apple MacBook Air A1496 Battery Installation and Evaluation

KingSener Apple MacBook Air A1496 Battery Installation and Evaluation

 KingSener, as a common digital accessory brand on the market, has also launched quite a few models of laptop batteries. It just so happens that the company has several old MacBooks, and the batteries are on the verge of going away, so we hit it off and brought you a whole experience of laptop battery replacement.

Product Description

KingSener Brand New Laptop Battery A1496 for Apple MacBook Air 13" A1466 2013/2014/2015 A1496 MD760LL/A MD761CH/A 7.6V 7150mAh

The battery replaced this time is from KingSener, model A1496, for a variety of MacBook Airs launched between 2010 and 2017. In addition to MacBook batteries, KingSener has also launched laptop batteries from Lenovo, Dell, HP, Samsung, Toshiba and other brands.

This A1496 type of battery uses lithium polymer cells, the main advantage is higher energy density, and the cost is relatively high. With a nominal 7150mAh battery capacity, the battery life is still relatively strong. The measured battery capacity is still a surprise. We will look at this later.

Open the package and the battery is in the middle of the plastic protective case. In order to facilitate the installation of hands-on experts, two intimate screwdrivers are included in the package. Of course, it is still a bit challenging for ordinary users to disassemble the machine.

KingSener provides intimate customer service guidance and installation services, and the battery is only more than 30 dollars and has such an intimate service. Why not do it?


A1496 KingSener Laptop Battery for Apple MacBook Air 13 inch A1466 2013/2014/2015 A1496 MD760LL/A MD761CH/A 7.6V 7150mAh

Specification:Battery Model:A1496 Capacity: 54.4Whr/7150mAhVoltage: 7.6VBattery Type: Li-ionCell: Made in China, high quality guaranteeColor:Black Condition:Replacement Battery (100% Brand New,2 years warranty!) Repla... Buy Now

Installation test

Although the author is eager to try it, but I heard that it is necessary to install a new computer for dismantling it, so it is better to leave it to a professional when I think about it.

The first is to remove the D side of the MacBook. There are long and short screws in this circle. When disassembling the machine, pay attention to distinguish and save it. 

 Open the D side of the notebook, the battery is exposed like this, take a deep breath, ah ~ the fragrance of old gray, I have disassembled it, you may as well clean the fan, air outlet, sound hole, motherboard and other places, A lot of dust will not only affect the heat dissipation, but also lead to short circuit of components in extreme cases, and there is a risk of burning the motherboard.

Before cleaning, don't forget to open the battery cable to cut off the power.

After picking up the battery cable, you can remove the screws of the battery fixing cover, and then put the new battery in. This step is still very easy, after all, it is not fixed with easy-pull glue, such as iPhone, remove the battery Tired of the old. Align the power supply interface and plug it back in.

Then replace the screws, paying attention to where the original screws are.

Lastly, plug in the battery cable. During the disassembly and assembly process, it is inevitable to encounter other parts of the motherboard, such as the display cable, the touch screen cable, the keyboard cable, etc. You can check whether the interfaces on the motherboard are plugged in tightly to avoid secondary rework.

Before screwing on the screws on the D side, you might as well turn on the power and test whether the touchpad, keyboard, and monitor function normally.

It looks like you're done, tighten the D-side, and that's it for a perfect battery replacement.

Applicable models

So which models is this battery suitable for? The official website also gives the corresponding models. You can see the specific model of the notebook in your hand on the D side of the notebook. KingSener also has other models of corresponding batteries for replacement.

The size of the KingSener and the original battery are also compared here. You can see that the shape and size are exactly the same, so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Replacement Part Number:

A1496 020-8145-A

Compatible laptop models:

For Apple MacBook Air A1466 13" Early 2015

For Apple MacBook Air A1466 13" Early 2014

For Apple MacBook Air A1466 13" Mid 2013

Endurance test

Let's take a look at the battery life of the computer with different built-in batteries.

Fully charge the computer, now start the test, adjust the brightness of the computer to 50%, open the AIQIYI or YouTube client on the computer, the resolution is ultra-clear, and the volume will continue to play the video at about 50%. After 2 and a half hours, the computer still had 37% of the power left, and finally at 3 hours and 57 minutes the computer was completely shut down, and the battery was exhausted. The KingSener A1496 brand new battery 7150mAh is 450mAh more than the original 6700mAh, and the battery life is longer. The KingSener battery with 3 cycles and 343 cycles has almost the same video playback time, even if the number of cycles reaches more than 300 times. , the cycle life level is also very good.

The whole process of replacing the battery is very simple, simply screwing, removing the back cover, disconnecting the interface, and removing the battery in one go, which is also very friendly to Xiaobai. In terms of price, the price of more than 30 US dollars is not known to be much better than the original 157 US dollars. Anyway, for this old laptop, the author himself will not pay so much "IQ tax".


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