iPad mini Factory Reset

How to restore iPad mini to factory settings?

How to restore iPad mini to factory settings?

It is very important to reset the iPad Mini activated on the iCloud account before we sell, donate, give away or otherwise transfer the iPad to another user.

This article will teach you how to reset an iPad Mini using the Settings app. While this guide is for the iPad Mini, these instructions apply to any iPad device.

How to reset an iPad Mini

The options for resetting the iPad Mini are several menus deep within the Settings app. Find it here.


Resetting the iPad will erase all data on the iPad. If you don't have a backup, your data will be permanently lost.

1. Open the Settings app and tap General.

2. Select Transfer or Reset iPad.

3. Tap Delete all content and settings.


You can select Reset to reset only certain settings. This is useful when troubleshooting the iPad Mini without causing a factory reset.

4. A screen will appear describing the personal data that will be deleted during the reset. Click Continue.

5. Enter the passcode for the iPad Mini.

6. The iPad Mini will try to back up the data to iCloud.

This may take some time. Wait for it to finish or click Skip Backup.


Choosing to skip backup means that you will lose any settings or data not backed up to the cloud. Use with caution.


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7. A final confirmation will appear.

All data on the iPad Mini will be deleted. Choose Erase iPad to continue or Cancel to stop.

You may also need to reset your iPad Mini if ​​your iPad is unusually slow, if your storage is full, or if you're encountering an error with no obvious fix. A factory reset will give you a fresh start.

How to factory reset iPad without passcode?

The easiest way to factory reset an iPad that won't unlock is to use Find My iPhone. Sign in to icloud.com and select Find iPhone. Under All Devices, select your iPad and click Erase iPad.

How to reset a disabled iPad?

For disabled iPads, you should reset the device using Find iPhone on the iCloud website.

Doing so will delete all of its contents, but once you reboot, you can get back in.


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