Laptop battery common faults and solutions

Laptop battery common faults and solutions - Nine Methods

Laptop battery common faults and solutions - Nine Methods

With the advancement of the times, laptops have become common and more and more people are favoring it for its convenience. At present, many gamers also tend to choose gaming laptops as their first choice, and office workers will also choose lightweight and long-lasting computers to go out to work, but the power consumption of computer battery life has become a problem for many first-tier brands.

So when the laptop battery has a problem, how to solve it? I've listed nine common failures and how to fix them below.

1.The total battery display in the system is 0%

Solution: This problem usually occurs in two cases, that is, the battery board cannot be correctly identified after replacing the battery cell, and there is a problem with the metering circuit of the battery board inside the battery, which makes it impossible to charge. The only solution is to replace the battery.

2.The laptop automatically shuts down

Solution: The automatic shutdown of the notebook computer when running on battery power may be caused by the battery overheating. Most laptop batteries now have protection circuits. When the battery temperature is too high or the discharge current is too large, the battery will automatically power off to protect the battery and the laptop. So it is important not to let the computer overheat. To avoid overheating the laptop, keep the vents out of the way and try not to run under heavy load for too long.

3.The battery cannot be charged

Solution: First, check whether the charging cable, computer, etc. can be used normally. If the battery is rarely used, the idle time will cause the battery to passivate and lose its activity. You can ask the staff who repairs the battery to try to discharge the battery and recharge it. If it still doesn't work, the only solution is to replace the battery.

4. Laptops are aging seriously

The notebook can be used continuously within the battery life. When it is used for too long, the battery will reduce the use effect due to frequent use, and the lifespan will also be shortened. As a result, the battery will age seriously, affecting the power storage. Therefore, pay attention to the regular warranty when using the notebook. Batteries are consumables, and even normal use will lead to the gradual loss of activity of the battery cells, which is commonly referred to as the loss of battery life.


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5.The laptop is charged incorrectly

When the notebook is charged incorrectly, it will have a serious impact on the battery, especially if it is plugged in multiple times, but unplugged before it is fully charged, or it is overcharged. Unreasonable charging will consume the battery excessively, affecting the service life of the battery, and the battery will be easily damaged. At this time, everyone should maintain good usage habits and unplug the power supply when the battery is fully charged.

6.The notebook is damp or exposed to the sun

If the notebook is placed in a humid environment, the notebook battery will be affected by moisture, and once the power is turned on, the battery will easily be burned out. In addition, if the notebook is placed in an environment exposed to sunlight, the notebook will also damage the battery cells due to excessive temperature, causing the battery to burn out. Therefore, when you use the computer, you should pay attention to placing the notebook in a safe environment to avoid damp or exposure to the sun.

7.notebook cooling performance is not good

The poor heat dissipation performance of the notebook will also cause the battery to be burned out. Once the temperature of the battery is too high, it is easy to damage the battery components and cause battery failure. Therefore, when using the notebook for a long time, pay attention to cooling the notebook, or use a cooling device to assist.

8.notebook quality problems

Laptops with poor quality often use inferior materials. If you buy inferior laptops, the battery will also have this problem. This requires everyone to choose carefully when purchasing, and go to a regular notebook sales store to buy.

9.Abnormal human error

Whether it is a cup of water splashing on the notebook or an abnormal mistake such as going out in the rain and getting damp, it can cause irreparable direct damage to the battery.


Laptop battery failure is a common computer problem. The above reasons are only part of the problem. For more and more complicated reasons, you need to seek professional help.

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